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Global Warming Case

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Social and economic consequences, or impacts, of global warming. Learn about how climate change may destabilize societies and other effects of climate change.

This article is about the social effects and consequences of global warming, climate change - the so called greenhouse effect. We also have articles on the physical impacts of global warming and the ecological and biological impacts of global warming.


Climate change impacts the production of food throughout the world. Food production, a centerpiece of every culture, is threatened by the effects of elevated carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, higher temperatures, and increased frequency of extreme events. This in turn would affect the health of millions of people who may experience increases in malnutrition, increased deaths, diseases and injury due to the aforementioned extreme events.

This means the effects can be split into consequences on the world's food supply, the health of people, shortages of clean water resources which will lead to migration of humans and animal species as well as other aggregated impacts such as social conflicts.

Economic Development and the Consequences of Global Warming

Economic development may offset a great deal of these problems, but - by far - not the entire world has the wherewithal or resources to develop at rapid rates. Economic growth on its own is not sufficient to insulate the world's population from disease and injury due to global warming.

The impact of economic growth on climate change can be studied within the vacuum of countries capable of economic development. Unfortunately, it will be found that many of these countries are outside of the impact zone of infectious diseases like malaria.

Termed "vector-borne diseases", these diseases that travel by the bite of insects like mosquitoes, ticks, and flies are of little concern to North America and Europe. Even though there is documented evidence of climate change in terms of the distribution of cases of malaria striking in North America, it is not something that the population at large worries about. People are confident enough in health care and economic development to reconcile the little concern they may have for



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