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Gaming Is a Sport

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To some, gaming is a hobby; just a way to kill time. But to others, gaming is a sport; albeit an unconventional sport, but it is a sport. But before we get into that we shall first talk about what exactly a sport is. So without further ado, let us begin.

What is a sport? Well, by definition, a sport is a competition involving physical activity. A group or individual participate in a competitive activity that involves physical exertion, sounds about right, and so "competitive" gaming fulfills the first part; it's a competition. You would say, "But it does not fulfill the second part, as there is no real physical activity going on." On the contrary, physical exertion is doing work, and work is moving an object using force. Computer gaming: you must click and move the mouse, which requires work to be done, which requires physical activity. Console gaming: you must push buttons and move the joy stick(s), which requires work to be done, which requires physical activity. So therefore, gaming is a sport.

Though, everyone has their one belief and might not see that it is truly a sport. But science has stated that work is to move an object, and that work requires physical activity. Then again, it is mainly just a hobby; but who wouldn't love to make money doing their hobby?



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