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Prayer at Sporting Events

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Prayer in Sporting Events

The Government is too preoccupied with pleasing a select few by removing prayer from sporting events than they are with running the country. This is a problem that can be fixed and should be.

The reason for student led prayers at sporting events is for a God they believe in to grant the safety of the players on the field and the fans going home. After all, Christians are in the majority. It's a thirty second prayer that isn't going to hurt a single person. (Gholson) At Celina High School, Celina, Texas, the students and administration completely ignored the ruling of the courts by continuing to have student led prayers before football games. The students wore orange and white shirts that read "We pray before we play!" And the town's people constructed a large billboard that read, "We answer to a higher Judge than you!"(Kay, G) That is the kind of attitude that other towns need to overcome the government on a ruling that is to be honest, absolutely ridiculous. (Kay, J)

Some People get offended way too easily. Some atheist goes to a high school football game, hears a kid say a short prayer before the game and gets offended. So he hires a lawyer and goes to court and asks somebody to pay him a whole bunch of money for all the damage done to him. Damaged for life by a thirty second prayer? I don't believe in Santa Claus, but I'm not going to sue somebody for singing a HO-HO-HO song in December. God help us. And if that sentence offends you - well...just sue me! (Gholson) One student from Glen Rose, Texas wrote a poem after the Wedgewood Baptist Church Shootings in Ft. Worth, Texas. "Why God, why? Help me please!

What's wrong with the world today? That we can't pray at a football game, but cussing the ref. is okay?"(Goodson) This country was founded by people who were tired of the way their government was telling them how to worship God. And that is exactly what is happening now. Our government doesn't want the atheists to get offended so they hurt the majority of the people by going against our own God and telling us not to pray for the safety of some people. The Bible tells us to pray without cease. And why should we stop? The prayer is even asking for the safety of the atheists. We don't say the prayer, "Please God keep all the Christians



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