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Fmc Aberdeen

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There are four major challenges of organizational behavior and management that over the next several decades both FMC locations will have to consider. First challenge would be management. Management needs to be able to judge the competence of its employees. Skills, abilities, habits, character traits, and knowledge are what an employee must posses in order to do a job satisfactorily. An example of this would be the Aberdeen employee selection process. The assessments and ardent process that Aberdeen makes an employee go through to just get into the company shows that the company and its managers are committed to finding the right person for the job. So the major challenge here is finding the right managers that can conduct these choices using the tools both FMC companies will provide to the management teams. This system will hopefully be able to decipher the thinking systems, emotional intelligence and skills an employee possesses.

The second major challenge both companies will face in the next few decades is organizational commitment. This is defined as "the extent of an individual's commitment to an organization (Wekipedia 2006)." It is very important for the employees to identify with the goals of the companies and desire to remain a part of the company. Whether it is because the employee has invested a big portion of themselves in the company or because the employee feels obligated to the company either because they feel grateful or they feel the need to give back. So for the FMC companies I can see this as a challenge. Employees have all different kinds of needs. If a company is not meeting them they will seek a way to be fulfill these needs else where hence the high turnover that most companies experience. I like the Trust concept that the Aberdeen company uses and I feel that using this may help them retain the employees easier than in other companies.

The third challenge in any company is employee job satisfaction. As employees there are many choices we have now as to the field we would like to work in. A few of the things that would influence a persons feeling of contentment with in a position or company is the level of pay, benefits, growth with in the company, working environment, management, coworkers and most importantly the job function and duties. At this company if a person can not work independently on the task they have and ethically be able to conduct themselves with their co-workers they would not be happy. Since job satisfaction is basically persons happiness with their job this would be a major challenge with



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