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Fmc Aberdeen Organizational Behavior

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FMC Green River/FMC Aberdeen

Management of Ability:

The management of ability at Aberdeen was guided by its work teams. At Aberdeen, work teams were assigned where a team leader was chosen and while these team leaders managed the specific teams, the work teams themselves managed every aspect of the plant's work and reporting. The team members also were responsible for creating their own work hours, the purchase of materials and tools, conducted employee evaluations, and dealt with any arising problems. Plant wide meetings were held where all 100 employees took part. In Green River, management ability was much different. The management of ability was through specialization. Each member had their specialty in which they focused on their specific task and had well defined areas of operation. There was a manger to oversee the three new plants under construction and a manager to look after services required by the plants.

Organizational Commitment:

At FMC Aberdeen, the workers worked as a whole. They all shared a common goal of working and maintaining a highly productive work environment, making union membership unnecessary. All employees, as stated in the Aberdeen Credo, "creatively define their responsibilities and work beyond job title and salary grade boundaries". FMC Green River had a very different organizational commitment. At Green River, employees were a part of the United Steel Workers of America. The employees carried out the orders of their superiors in their area of expertise. This made their organizational commitment strong through their affiliation with the union, however they worked as separate entities rather than a combined effort as with Aberdeen.

Job Satisfaction:

Employees at Green River had job satisfaction in the sense that they worked individually to contribute to the progression and sustainment of the whole picture, however did not feel responsible for the entire end product. They focused on their specific tasks and were content with that. With Aberdeen, a larger sense of contribution was felt among employees because they were, essentially the backbone of the company. It was them who made the decisions that led to the success of the company as well as the completion and marketing of the product. They were



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