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Fmc Aberdeen

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The managerial ability in Aberdeen is based on trust and solid communication. By the managerial staff committing themselves to this philosophy, the organizational staff is ensured to have the self-confidence and enthusiasm necessary for complete job satisfaction. A happy employee is a productive employee. When the employees are treated with respect, each treated fairly and equally, it makes each of them want to do more for the organization. The morals or values a person has, defines the type of people they turn out to be. It makes then want to succeed in their professional lives, defines who they are socially and individually. These "ethics" specify what actions organizations should engage in to make a profit, which of coarse is the main goal of all companies. As defined in Chapter one: Introduction to Organizational Behavior (Pg. 11 - 12), to appreciate the way changes in the environment affect behavior in organizations it is useful to model an organization from an open-system perspective and organizational procedure. This is widely used in Aberdeen, because it ensures that these rules and routines are utilized by each employee to perform their tasks in the most efficient way. This is where their dedication to training comes along.

Aberdeen has dedicated themselves to providing all the extensive training needed to each employee to succeed in the mission and to work as a team when one falls short or is out for some reason or another. Each employee has the opportunity to engage in training in many different areas, which in turns allows them to advance quicker within the company and to be valued as an employee. Each employee is mentored and coached along the way of each phase of their position. This ensures that they have the means and the confidence to accomplish the task at hand.

A different outlook is taken on Green River, however. They are an older company and is "set in their ways" when it comes to the ways that they operate. They are more defined in each job description and the employee who holds those qualifications specifically. It appears that management doesn't seem to think they have the full capability of implementing the Aberdeen "organizational system" in their facility. But if they start of by implementing one step at a time, they can build up their training and operating procedures gradually. Making it a point to sit down as a team at least once a week or so will begin a great



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