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Fall of Humanity, Then and Now

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Essay Preview: Fall of Humanity, Then and Now

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Farah Khademi


Scott Hord

February 11, 2019

Fall of Humanity: Then and Now

        In Genesis 1-2, God creates human nature for the purpose of taking care of and the enjoyment of God’s creation. In Genesis chapter 2, The creation of the first man on earth (Adam) is brought into context. Adam was given the helpful task of watching over all of God’s creations that were made on earth. He was given the full responsibility of naming each one of the animals that were created by God. God saw that Adam was lonely and created a woman. He created a women (Eve) out of one of Adam’s ribs and she became Adam’s wife. In Genesis 1-2, these chapters focus on the creations made by God in the seven days and the creation of the first man and woman on earth (Adam and Eve). The Lord gave commands to Adam and they were to take care of the Garden of Eden (Moses, n.d, NIV). By the end of this chapter, we get the understanding that humans are to obey the commands of God and the word that is given to us by him. In Genesis 3, the snake or serpent is brought into play, this snake is also known as Satan. While Adam and Eve were in the garden, the snake (devil) told Eve to eat of the fruit from the tree in the middle of the garden. God had given them the instructions to not eat from this tree, which was known as the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. The snake was very smart and had a way of confusing Eve and making her feel as though she would not die if she was to eat from the tree. Temptation comes into play during this chapter because the serpent tempted Eve into taking fruit from the tree and eating it. After Eve ate it, she gave it to Adam so that he could eat it too. After God had seen them disobey him, Adam and Eve were forced to leave the Garden of Eden indefinitely. Due to this, there were consequences given to man and woman. Eve (woman) was punished by having pain and childbirth being hard. Adam (man) would have to rom wit crops, work would be tirelessly done. The final consequence is that all man shall return to the earth from where he came, all human beings will die. (Moses, n.d, NIV). Human’s purpose was the wanting of God to make a man like him. God had given man commands to follow and he wanted man to follow them and he wanted to man identical to each other. There were important qualities that were offered by God that he wanted us humans to accomplish. Man wanted to test what God had said because they started to have some doubts about Gods creations. In James 1:4 it is talked about how temptation becomes desire, desire becomes sin, and sin leads to death. Man and woman (Adam and Eve) had already known that if they ate from that specific tree that something bad would happen. Mankind was very curious and so they were tempted to eat of the fruit from the tree which then resulted in sin. Spiritual, emotional and mental wellbeing a man should relinquish the temptation and greed and concern (Shuster, 2013).



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