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Fall of Humanity: Then and Now

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Fall of Humanity: Then and Now

Lloyd T Jones



 Dr V


1. “Human nature is distinct from the animals and other creatures because humans can think and feel. The genesis one and two provides the information that human nature is superior because of ability to reason. It has been illustrated that it is offered by the god. The reasons we offer help us to understand our nature and nature of God as well and offer insights for our creation by him. Bible teaches that god has created in his own image. The genesis one and two reveal that god has provided some of his attributes in human. People love because they are made in the image of god who is love (1John 4:16). The compassion, faithfulness, kindness, patience and fairness are reflected people. The article and bible provides this information regarding the human nature” (1John 4:16).

2.When reading Romans 5:12 it says, “Just as through one man sin entered the world, and death through sin, and so sin spread through all men.”  If you sin it will go through God, so just think every time someone sins part of it goes pass him.  Adam and Eve broke the fellowship with God by not listen to him and doing as the please. Now everything in the world is known to fall when this happen they enter a new world which we call death

 3.We as the people show that we let the negative in the world get to us emotional. If we do what God has set out for us to do even if it is hard and takes forever for us to find, just knowing that God has made these plans for a reason. People in the world looks for us to please their every need when it’s the man above we should be worried about pleasing. “Everything we do in our life should bring honor and glory to God” (1 Thessalonians 2:4). However, I look for God to do it all for me that’s why I give my thanks. By putting all my trust in God 110% in our relationship. I speak to him and tell him my issues and ask for help when needed. with purpose I bring God honor and glory by spread his word to all that don’t know it. As a Rastafarian, it’s my goal to show people how wonderful my God is. If I don’t show does out there who are confuse and lost about what my God is about then I feel that I’m not showing my purpose.


4.Since they do not believe in a God they would not bring honor or glory to a god. I think each worldview has their own way to show how emotional and mental well-being is. If one don’t believe in a God, they can’t do what he wants us to do which is show honor or glory to a god. He comforts me and those who are around me that believe.


The people today has suffered so much do to the way that society looks at us. It’s not just the things that is looked at as being physical, that we put in our body’s such as drinking a cold beer to consume of any type of drugs. Have we seated back and thought about things that can include virtually anything from food to gambling. People with addictions is known to not have any control over their bodies nor the actions they make.

Told by Christian Nordqvist, “Addiction, often referred to as dependency often leads to tolerance the addicted person needs larger and more regular amounts of whatever they are addicted to receive the same effect” (Nordqvist, 2009, para. 10). “Family that have people in their family that have a type of addiction is force to deal with it. Many patients say that they are always highly stressed out and psychological morbidity” (Lee, Manning, Wong, et al, 2011). Facts have showed that have an addiction has been very depressed or is falling into depression, stressing, and going through mental break downs. Families have known that there love ones were in bad health and is showing bad well-being. A solution to the problems will be to live in God’s hand by centering everything around the lord all mighty.



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