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Fall of Humanity: Then and Now Worksheet

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Essay Preview: Fall of Humanity: Then and Now Worksheet

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Fall of Humanity: Then and Now Worksheet

Name: Edgar G. Nunez

Course: CWV 101

Date: 3 Jan 2018

Instructor: Andre Mooney


Read the assigned readings in Topic 3 (textbook Chapter 4, Lecture 3, "The Mystery of Original Sin" article, and Bible passages) and address the following questions with a total word count (including all questions and answers combined) of 500-900 words.

Cite all of the resources used with in-text citations, using at least two sources from the Topic 3 readings. Include these in the reference list at the end of the assignment.

Write your paragraph response directly below each question:

  1. What is revealed about human nature (from Genesis 1-2)?

Genesis 1-2 is the beginning of the creation. Humans were created with freewill and following the instructions of God. While Adam was taking care of the animals, naming them, he could feel loneliness and love when Eve joined him. Adam and Eve were working under the command of God, following the instructions in Garden of Eden. Both of them were created in the image of God, they were sinless and most important they will have the eternal life. Until they disobey one of the most important rule of God.  

  1. What are the consequences of the fall for human nature (from Genesis 3)?

As soon God found out about Adam and Even ate from the prohibit tree, he condemn the serpent first, then God said to the woman, in a very painful way to you will give birth. Your desire will be for your husband and he will rule over you. God finish talking to Eve, he went and talked to Adam. He said to Adam, you will have to work the ground, and from it you will eat every day of your life. “By the sweat of your brow you will eat food until you return to the ground, since from it you were taken; for the dust you are and to the dust you will return.” After that, Adam and Eve were banished from The Eden. They started to feel guilt, fear, and separation from God and death. .Finally God said, since man has become like one of us, knowing good and evil. He is not allowed to reach the fruit of the tree of life, eat and live forever. God moved the tree to the east side of The Garden of Eden guarded by cherubim and a flaming sword. In the end, only the chosen ones and the ones who work their way back to The Garden of Eden will be allow to grab the fruit from the tree of life.

  1. What is revealed about human purpose from the readings? What does it mean for humans to flourish, in other words to achieve spiritual, emotional, and mental well-being?

People flourish when they have achieve a meaning and purpose in their life. They are optimist, hopeful, and grateful. People flourish making positive impacts on others through their work. People may flourish more honoring God, serving the common good.

  1. How might these questions about human nature, purpose, and flourishing be answered by those holding a pantheistic or atheistic (choose one) worldview?

For an atheistic the meaning of flourishing is to grow or develop their life in a healthy way. Physically, mentally, and emotionally which means having the resources they need and provide a challenge to live. Even when they do not believe in God, they still think people still can flourish in all kinds of ways.


Consider how the fall and humanity's exposure to good and evil are seen in the way some people treat themselves and others in dehumanizing ways today (examples: abuse, addiction, bullying, domestic violence, eating disorders, human trafficking, pornography, poverty, racism, vandalism, etc.).

Choose one act of dehumanization and write the script for a short TV public service announcement in 350-650 words. Use at least two different sources from the GCU Library cited in the text and listed below in the list of references. Include the following:

  • Highlight how the act of dehumanization is evident in the world today.
  • Provide solid ideas for prevention.
  • Include statistics, causes, and impact on people (victim, perpetrator, others as appropriate).
  • Discuss how a God-centered worldview contributes to a solution.
  • Include notes within the script about the images and video that would be included when shooting the commercial.

From the topic materials, view the two examples of a public service announcement:

  1. Child Internet Safety PSA - Online Predators
  2. Dangers of Sexting: What Teens Need to Know

Write your paper below:

Human Trafficking a Worldwide Problem

The modern form of slavery around the world. The abuse of power from one person to another. In the world, around 20.9 million people are victims of this criminal industry, and there are chances that it is happening around you.

  • 68% are trapped in forced global
  • 26% are children
  • 55% are woman and girls.

There are three elements of human trafficking, The Act (what is done), The Means (how it is done), The Purpose (why it is done).

The victims can be recruited for sexual purpose and trade for someone they know, filled with promises of money, drugs, or attention. The reports according to the Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority in 2013 people were recruited online. Traffickers will use social media sites to get in contact with the victims until they earn their trust.

Jodie Gummow at the Alternet site found that most trafficked child served sexual services to men in the ages of twenty-five to fifty-five. 40 percent of boys and 11 percent of girls had female clients, and 13 percent of boys served only female clients. Female trafficking include woman in trafficking organizations, which include family member and sometimes mothers forcing their children to sell sex.

The best way to prevent Human Trafficking is by recognizing it. The person is not free of going and coming as wishes. Under 18 giving acts of sex commercials. Works long hours and unusual hours. Does not have any breaks or unusual restrictions. Recruited under false promises because of the actual condition of the victim. Abnormal behaviors like, depressed, submissive. Avoid eye contact. There will be signs of physical and/or sexual abuse. The lack of control of their own possessions. The victim will not tell the true, inventing stories.



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