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Fahrenheit 451 - Threatening Technology

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Essay Preview: Fahrenheit 451 - Threatening Technology

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Fahrenheit 451 final project

January 11, 2016

Threatening Technology

In the book Fahrenheit 451, the way the author Ray Bradbury shows the overall theme of threatening technology. There are plenty of times in the book Fahrenheit 451 where it shows the threatening dangers of these kind of expressions in the book. The change of thinking of education, the way people look at their surroundings, the laziness of the people's education, and not just education but the whole idea of laziness for everything and those are the reasons why technology is dangerous.

In most of the world today, we have a very open society and not traits of today’s technology have bad effects on us. A good example of technology we have today is like all of our vehicles or any type of communication devices. Our transportation gets us to places faster and a lot quicker then walking to each and every place. One great example of phones being used is we use it to get a hold of people that are far away or that need to tell them something. Phones can also be bad. Because people get caught up with all the social media and they never end up doing anything else or being active and going to the gym. Most people these days start to get phones at a really young age. I’ve seen kids in 2nd and 3rd grade that have the newest iphones. Those have no use to kids that young. Also another reason phones are good is people are now using twitter to show the true actions of the mexican drug cartels and give the people the truth. Ray bradbury shows the extreme lengths the government goes to burn books and the thoughts bound into them because in the story, books are rebellious and cause people to think freely while the technology of tv is as a major tool to brainwash the people whether at home with three screens, at the train stations, or an hour of Tv class in the school. At home in the United States we have the First amendment so we can speak freely, but in places like North Korea, Iran and Saudi Arabia, people are not allowed to speak of capitalism or women’s rights and we can see some of the effects on the people like the author showed. People are beheaded and whip for free speech in Saudi Arabia, while eccentric and thoughtful people are hit by cars and relocated.

When guy runs from the police he meets up with the professors and learns about their multiple talents and what college was like before the government intervened education. Guy is introduced to a man named Fred Clement, a man who works at Cambridge before it was turned into Atomic engineering school.We can see the change in focus of education with high salaries for nuclear jobs, while more reflective things like art, history, and philosophy are not high paying professions and are not as highly valued. In the book, the professor says



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