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Everything Happens for a Reason

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BY: confidentlyxxpretty

Naniniwala ka ba sa forever? Nahanap mo na ba ang ‘the right one’ mo? Kung hindi pa, bakit hindi mo subukang hanapin wala namang mawawala sayo diba?, baka lang kasi nandyan na sa tabi-tabi hindi mo pa makita-kita, parang ahas lang tutuklawin ka na wala ka paring kaalam-alam. Sabi nga ng iba “Don’t waste time, act now while there are still chances waiting for you”. Pero kung ayaw mong magsayang ng oras ikaw rin maybe mamaya kapag meron na syang iba eh ikaw naman ang maghahabol sa kaniya.

Just like Nathalie Peters, the girl who’s very bitter when it comes to love. All of her friends have their MUs (mukhang unggoy haha charot lang, mutual understanding) but she busted all her suitors even though they have the looks and body that other girls’ dream on their future boyfriend. So in their school, she has her own nickname as the campus ‘man hater bitch’ but she didn’t mind it because she wants to make her dream come true, to be a successful civil engineer. In fact she is the top 1 and the most beautiful girl student on their university which was the only reason why guys want to court and fall in love with them to caught attention and be famous like her.  But one day, the campus heartthrob A.K.A playboy guy Edward Stanford wants to win Natalie’s heart because of his boy band’s bet for him. May mabubuo kayang pag-ibig sa dalawa o mananatili pa rin ang matigas na puso nila para sa isa’t isa? Let see if EVERYTHING REALLY HAPPENS FOR A REASON…

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