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Discuss the Reasons for the Growth and Decline

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Essay Preview: Discuss the Reasons for the Growth and Decline

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Up until World War II, Imperialism had been a major part of civilization

throughout the world. The conquering and occupying of other lands had been prominent

in all of the major world empires. The Romans, Ottaman Turks, Egyptians, Mongols,

Syrians, Greecians, Babylonians, Muslims, Persians, and others had all thrived on the

occupation of other territories. However, as the advancement of military warfare and

techonolgy increased, the stakes increased, the wars longer, the casualities higher, and the

controlling of vast amounts of land became harder as people sought ethnic diversity and

clung to their heritage harder. The last of these great imperialistic empires stands with

Great Britain

and France. Other european powers in the 1800's also had their hand in the

cookie jar of imperialism, including belgium, italy, and Germany, but the powerhouses

existed with Great Britain

and France. Up until a little after World War II, in the 1950's

and 60's, did imperialism last. The questions asked now is how did European powers

manuever their way into the lives of other ethninticies, and why didn't it last?

Around 1870, imperialism in Africa escualted, with her coast line quickly being

snatched by Great Britain

, France, the Dutch, Germany, and the Italians, and then they

started working their way inward. The Industrial Revolution caused new wealth to

emerge, and this new wealth was invested in occupying new territories, for either a sign

of prestige or dominance, probably both to an extent. Techonology is growing, and

communications is increasing, thus making it easier to occupy new lands and peoples.

Medical techonolgy is increasing, and the ability to combat new diseases helps the



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