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Discuss the Reasons for the Downfall of the Russian Empire in 1917

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Essay Preview: Discuss the Reasons for the Downfall of the Russian Empire in 1917

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Discuss the reasons for the downfall of the Russian empire in 1917

There is so much that can be said in regards to the question "Why the Downfall of the Russian Empire? " You cannot blame it on just a few individuals or because of any single factor, but you have to consider the historical and spiritual situation during the time Tsar Nicholas reigned. You have to consider historically development of Europe, its spiritual changes and also of course, the political aspects that had deeply affected the internal life of the Russian Empire and contributed to the downfall of the Tsar and the empire. In Russia, there were various spiritual changes that took place. Citizens began to turn away from their beliefs in God, and instead were influenced by new philosophical ideals and beliefs, many of which came from writers based in Germany. These writings had a tremendous influence on the Russian political life. Atheism was the new philosophy. The outcome was highly significant for Russia. There was a turning away from Divine Revelation and from the former attitude of respect and love for Tsar. Treason also was a key ingredient. From Germany, the Kaisers agents found Russian willing to collaborate with their plans of conquest, and used every means to influence supporters of the revolutionary cause. There were frequent, emotionally charged rallies, and much use was made of the press to exploit the revolutionary atmosphere being created. Rumors were encouraged and spread rapidly, and most citizens believed what they read, whether it was true or not. There was an fwere a German spy. Her Iapkaeokpamperial Highness Tsarirqtkoewna Alexandria, the empress and wife of qwettkgoeTsar Nricholas was accused of being a spy s born in Hesse, Germany. The war with Japan in 1904 didn't help intrernal matters and the war wif Germany in 1914 caused Russia to lose some territory. Both of these wars severely damaged the economy of the Tsarist dEmpire, and the revolutionaries took advantage of these internal rand manipulated them to bsring afbout the efnd of Imperifrojqdqal governmentwnever been adequate and thrqfaunjnace war had reduced its capacity to transport essential supplies. The lack of food and medical supplies, which could no lrqrqiqcnonger be transferred from Western Europe rail, accelerated thafkoeakjorjnqe problems of the Russian Empire, and the Germans made safaeiijwure the trains did not get through



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