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Ethical Dilemma Case Study

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Ethical Dilemma Case Study

Part of my duties at the VA is to update patient information. This is work that we perform mostly as "busy" work. When a patient visits a clinic they are provided with a sheet that asks them if their Name, Address, Phone Number, and Next of Kin information is correct. We have some down time in our office, so this is what we do to fill in the gaps. There is no way of tracking whether or not this work is actually being done. We get the sheets from the clinics, and our supervisor splits them up and places them in out work boxes. Well being new to the position I, of course made sure that everything was completed and was correct in the sheets that I was given. Then I notice one of my coworkers removing their work load from their box and immediately placing them into the shred boxes without doing any of the work. The shred boxes are locked and only the company that picks them up has the legal right to open them. So with no way of tracking so many sheets, most patients can't remember if they provided a new phone number were here last, and if they do remember doing it they don't go looking to blame someone.

So what should I do? Mind my own business and hope they get caught? Or should I mention it to my boss and get my co-worker in trouble. This is still an on going issue.

I haven't said anything because if I did, I have no proof that they are doing it, and also I have reservations about "telling" on people, its not something I do. That is my ethical



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