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Lepus Research Paper

Many things in life are hard to explain and one thing is for sure, is that the stars are no exception. With such a vast population of what we can only make speculations about it seems that even from the dawn of time humans have had a certain profound respect and interest for stars. Many cultures have used the stars to explain where life was created and when life is over, where the soul finally rests.

I myself have always had a personal interest in the stars. As a kid I liked to look at the sky and imagine other places beyond what our gravity strickens us to. And now when gazing at the stars, it seems to be able to send me back to those times.

At this time in my life I have to recognize things and one being stars and constellations. One being the constellation named Lepus. Lepus being located just below Orion was named the hare for Orion had something to hunt.

On the internet I found a site,, that told me that Lepus the hare has a number of origins. According to one story, Orion the famous hunter (and the constellation right above Lepus) loved to hunt hares, and so Lepus was placed in the sky for Orion's benefit. In another story, Lepus represents the hare so often associated with the moon. While we tend to see a man in the moon, many other cultures have seen a hare, and have many stories to tell about it. The Arabs believed that the four brightest stars in Lepus represented four camels drinking from the river Eridanus, another nearby constellation. The early Egyptians believed Lepus to be the boat of Osiris.

Another site told me that the best place to observe Lepus is in Japan which can last as long as five months; spanning from December to April.

From what I said before the stars are endless. They stretch far beyond anything I could ever imagine. The universe is vast and contains hundreds of billions of stars and galaxies. In our Milky Way galaxy alone we have billions of stars and we are still learning new things about it all the time. Lepus is only a very small part of our galaxy so you could imagine how big the universe really is.

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