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Article Summary Ozone Layer

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Article Reflection: Ozone Layer

Ozone: The Pollution Paradox

This article was based on information about ozone pollution. In my opinion this article gave a lot of valuable information and I learned a lot of things I never had knowledge of. For example, the atmosphere forms and destroys the ozone, the ozone can have an effect on the human body and the article also provided information on what we could do about the ozone layer to help the atmosphere.

I had a little bit of information in my mind about the atmosphere destroying the ozone, but I never knew that the atmosphere also forms it. This fact made me question why the ozone layer is becoming more and more dangerous to human life if the atmosphere not only destroys but also forms the layer. The article never really stated an answer to my question, but my only conclusion would be that the atmosphere destroys more then it forms.

According to this article, the ozone can have a major effect on the human body. The article stated that ozone concentrations irritate nasal and throat tissues. This was an important part of the article for me to read because I found it so interesting. In my opinion, I think the facts on how the ozone can harm nature and human life should be brought more to the public eye so people can do things to prevent illnesses.

The last reason I thought this article was filled with information everyone should read about is because it stated some important things on what we could do about the ozone. I feel that this was the most important part of the article because it stated things that everyone can to for ozone solutions. For example, discard Freon from air conditioners, refrigerators, and etc. Also, limit driving and use public transportation.

In conclusion, I would suggest this article to anyone to help increase the knowledge of the dangers with the ozone layer. The article provided a lot of useful information and in my opinion was very interesting to read.



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