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Article Summary - Spotlight on the Future of Advertising

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Essay Preview: Article Summary - Spotlight on the Future of Advertising

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Article Summary of: Spotlight on the Future of Advertising

Mobile advertising is becoming more common and increasingly advanced, especially with more users switching to smart phones and tablets. While mobile advertising is at its most advanced to date, it still has a long way to go. Most companies are hoping with some improvements mobile ads will become a key part of their communications strategies. "(Mobile now accounts for 10% of time spent with media) and where advertisers spend their money (mobile accounts for just 1%)." (Gupta, 2013) Mobile ad budgets are expected to more than quadruple by 2016. In surveys four out of five people report disliking mobile ads and few people actually click on them. It looks like mobile ads are going more toward apps because they aren't perceived as adverting they are valued for their functionality which seems far less intrusive to consumers. Marketers are having to become creative when advertising using apps because smartphone users are spending most of their time on apps, but are averaging only fifteen apps per user and only a few of those apps are branded products. Author Sunil Gupta reveals five strategies to help marketers succeed.

Mobile Commerce and Marketing, Summary

This article is an overview of what could be happening in the future mobile world, and what is going on in the mobile world right now. "The number of U.S. smart phone users passed the 100-million mark earlier this year." "Eighteen percent of the population have smart-phones" Smart-phones are being used for many things. "NCR Corporation Vice President Chris Lybeer-

laid out the different methods of mobile payments by putting them into three categories." NFC (Near Field Communications) is a standard for smart-phones and similar devices that is used as short-range communication. It works by touching devices or bringing them close together. The second method of mobile payment is done over the internet based on cloud computing. The way it works is businesses can send bills to a customer's phone by using a mobile application. The only problem with this is it could potentially be less secure. The third method is ACH (Automated Clearing Houses), an electronic network for financial transactions, an example is PayPal.

Digital and Social Media in the Purchasing Process

The Digital and Social Media in the Purchasing Process tells us how today's consumers are well informed with social media readily available anytime and anywhere. Smartphones and tablets are allowing consumers to make informed decisions in the purchasing process, which in turn puts the brand providers under pressure to have that information online and available so they stay competitive. There are seven sections in this article in which the author highlights some of the information gathered from research. The seven sections cover everything from different types of shoppers, the role of emotion



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