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E-Bay Case Study

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Essay Preview: E-Bay Case Study

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E-commerce and Security


This project will look at e-Commerce, concentrating on security measures of an online auction site, eBay. Security on the Internet is a concern for any online business in today's society. We will discuss online services, how businesses on the Internet conduct their transactions and shipping. With eBay we will be looking at their operation procedures while concentrating on Firewalls, Transparent Cryptographic File and Public Key Infrastructure as possible solutions for security measures.

Background to Online Services

Case Study and the general background of eBay

Cyber Security Measure


Body (description of the problem)

Technology is moving ahead of a rapid pace and reinventing the way business is done. E-business has the potential to affect every part of the value chain, from inbound logistics and operations through to outbound logistics, marketing and after sales support. Forecasts indicate that in 2001 e-business will top U.S. $ 434 billion and much of that will be in business-to-business transactions. The advantages are clear, e- business can help cut costs, link supply chains more efficiently and service markets more effectively. Scalability, flexibility, security, performance and back end integration are all vital issues, getting architect right is the key. While online services are growing, security measures are becoming more of a concern.

Background to Online Services

Offering end-to-end online service:

The concept of e-comerce essentially gives the customer indirect access to the company's mainframe based insurance systems. The customer can get information and quotes online whenever it suits them and they can also buy their insurance coverage online and be instantly insured. This is an end-to-end fully online operation available 24 hours a day.

Integrating the supply chain:

Businesses need to take advantage of e-commerce to beat competition. There is an example of a leading organization in the building industry, with over 2000 suppliers and 25 stores serving both trade and retail customers. They wanted to reduce overheads, strengthen their supplier relationships and take advantage of e-commerce.

One solution is to automate the purchase order process. Orders are sent directly to a suppliers' system with a consolidated order sent at the end of the day. Suppliers complete the process by invoicing our client back electronically- the invoice is automatically generated when the goods are despatched. Orders and invoices can be in any file format required by either the buyer or the supplier. All that's required is a common network between the two parties, such as the Internet. Also neither party is tied to any particular Internet service or bandwidth capabilties. In fact, the solution even works if one party doesn't have a computer because both orders and invoices can be electronically arranged over the phone.

Becoming an electronic middleman:

A unique electronic infrastructure means a wide range of businesses can transact their e- business via the client's service, the Internet for example. Flexibility, security and ease of replication are key business requirements.



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