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Dune: The Burtlerian Jihad - Analysis

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Essay Preview: Dune: The Burtlerian Jihad - Analysis

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Dune: The Burtlerian Jihad is the fourth Dune novel I have read by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson. One of the things I really liked about this book was the quotes at the binging of each chapter.

"Religion, time and time again, brings down

Empires, rotting them from within."

This is one of said quotes. The reason why I enjoy these quotes is because not only do they always have something to do with the chapter they have meaning in our world as well as the dune world.

I also enjoyed the way this book was written, in very small five to twelve page chapters. The reason for this is because of the huge amount of significant characters. Every chapter the story changes randomly between a group of nine to ten main characters that usually have nothing to do with each other until a twist in the plot brings them together. An example of this is there is a character named Selim who lives on Arrakis know to the people who live there as Dune. Has had not had anything to do with any of the other characters and have only had a few appearances in the book but he will most likely have a lager part in the next book in the series.

The aspect of this book that I like the most, though, was the immense amount of detail the book has. It is as if the authors are actually in the world of Dune accompanying the characters and simply writing exactly what they see around them. Whenever a setting was described I could see it in my mind. The authors have everything detailed down to how the advanced technology in the book functions.

To answer if the book was successful in compelling its message I would say yes. The main Idea in this story is that man is getting far too reliant on external sources to do everything for them and then eventually it will all come crashing down and people will not know what to do. It gets this across in the quotes at the beginning of the chapter as well as having some of the characters simply stating it, Comparing mankind to sloughs and deadwood.

Overall I would say that I greatly enjoyed this book. It was written well, has great description and the imagination of these two authors is incredible. I give it a 9.8 on a completely undefined scale.



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