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Do You Think Attempts to Enhance Humans Through Genetic Interventions Are a Good Idea?

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Essay Preview: Do You Think Attempts to Enhance Humans Through Genetic Interventions Are a Good Idea?

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From the beginning of our existence, human beings have always tried to make ourselves better. Whether it is speed to outrun predators, strength to do more manual labor, or intelligence to better our understanding of the universe around us, we have always been trying to move up to the next level. In our modern society, it seems as if we have reached a plateau of sorts in which regardless of how hard we train we cannot seem to improve upon the skills that God has given to us any further. This is not to say that we cannot expand our capabilities at all because we have the power of enhancing our lives simply by taking a pill with a glass of water every morning.

Genetic research has reached new heights in the past decade or so. The technology available to us today provides human beings the ability to clone living things, treat a lot of life-threatening diseases, and even help those with disabilities bring themselves to a "normal" level. Through gene therapy, we are able to help those who suffer from dwarfism to grow taller. All of these things sound really good, and they are, but problems arise when people wish to use them for reasons other than therapy. People that are healthy and happy are seeing others improve their lives and in turn, are asking doctors to give them a dose of the same medicine to make them a little bit better. Consulting ones doctor about the issue is normal and usually, the doctor will do what is just and explain to their patient that they are healthy and because of this, they will not put them on a prescription. However, too many doctors are more concerned with their reputations and do not want their patients to seek out other physicians and will give them the medicine that they do not need. In an attempt to prevent this from happening, many "less-important" enhancements can be found on the shelves of your neighborhood drugstore.

Attempting to enhance the lives of human beings through genetic intervention is not a good idea at all because it will bring an even greater imbalance to our society. We, as a country, are trying to level the playing field between all Americans, rich and poor. Right now, genetic enhancements are a very hot commodity and therefore carry a relatively high price tag. The wealth of our nation is not even close to balanced and for this reason alone, enhancement products usually sell to those who are financially well off and for the most part in relatively good health. Those who would benefit the most from enhancements are the lower class, who could take pills that could help them move up, if not into, the working ladder. Sleep enhancements and the like would give the poor of our country better rest at home and the opportunity to perform better on the job. Unfortunately, at least until the prices of these products come down, enhancements are only helping to reduce the gray area between the upper and lower class, which in turn could cause significant social disarray.

Another reason that enhancements are not a good idea is simply because it is unnatural. God gave us certain abilities when we were born and we are supposed to make the best out of them. Since the beginning of humanity, human beings have lived this way and what matters the most is that we are still walking the earth. Not only are enhancements unnatural and secular, but they are also a threat to society. What should happen if an enhancement has some type of defect and ends up killing off the human species? Mankind has lived happily and healthily for thousands of years. I personally do not understand why we should risk our existence over being a few inches taller or having the ability to concentrate for longer periods of time. To me, genetic enhancements are not worth it.

One of the newest genetic breakthroughs emerging in our society is sex control. For a reasonable price, ($2,000 - $20,000) parents-to-be are able to decide the gender of their child right after conception. The doctor carefully messes around with the chromosomes followed by some sperm sorting and in nine months, the birth of your sex-controlled baby should appear. Of course, there is always room for mistake.

Parents wish to select the gender of their children for a bunch of different



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