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Is Crispr Good or Bad - What Is Good About Human Genetic Engineering

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Essay Preview: Is Crispr Good or Bad - What Is Good About Human Genetic Engineering

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Is CRISPR Good or Bad

What is Good About Human Genetic Engineering

What do you think our world would be if we were able to stop and or prevent disease in all humans. If you had a choice of having a perfectly healthy baby would you choose CRISPR.         “CRISPR technology is a simple yet powerful tool for editing genomes. It allows researchers to easily alter DNA sequences and modify gene function. Its many potential applications include correcting genetic defects, treating and preventing the spread of diseases and improving crops.” CRISPR can also fix mutations and or diseases that may pass from parents to babies. That is pretty much the best confirmation that your baby is going to 100% healthy. If CRISPR were actually be released those who used it would have a longer lifetime because death by disease would automatically be cancelled out. As CRISPR is being used those who are treated by CRISPR and have a child together will also have the effects that CRISPR provides.


What is Bad About Human Genetic Engineering

What if later on when a baby is wise enough to state his or hers opinion wishes that he or she could have been born a natural baby and experience what it feels like to really live life. Everyone one has the right to stay a natural human instead of genetically modified. There have been test run on animals and even though CRISPR boosted the lifetime of the animal it still had some health malfunctions that shorten its life. Whos to say this won’t happen to the human species. Even the the Chinese have tested CRISPR and have run multiple tests on it the results on modifying one's self is still unknown, and because CRISPR is very complex the success rate of CRISPR actually working is low. There are also laws and rules that are against the genetic modification of humans. There have been tests on mice in Nantucket Island where there was a genetic mishap and then there was pretty much plague of infected fleas that bit the infected mice that were infected by the CRISPR that was made for them. The people on the island complained about this mistake and wouldn’t let their children outside without shoes because the disease was that bad. Luckily Kevin Esvelt eventually was able to fix the fleas invasion by doing the same process with mice just with the right kind of CRISPR. So here just shows how bad CRISPR can be for the world but also how life changing it can be for us.

My Opinion of CRISPR

I think that there is no need for CRISPR because our ancestors did just fine without electricity so why do we need to modify our children or the human population. It’s not normal, we were made the way (I’m about to get religious) God planned for us, he purposely did not give us modifying ways to live our lives. We were made to feel the loss of those dear to us, and yes it would be so nice to never have to feel that kind of pain but what would we be without pain? How can we put our lives into one scientific experiment when we could just live. I understand those who have cancer and will die sooner than anyone should have to but even in those cases CRISPR might be that one thing holding them back from leaving us. It could also be the last hope that a person has and so in that case when you having nothing to lose then yes by all means use it. I feel as thought we should only use CRISPR in desperate times. Like I pointed out earlier in my pros what if a person whose was genetically modified as a fetus and didn’t have a choice of being a natural born, wishes that she or he could have had that choice...there is nothing we can do which in my opinion is wrong. I don’t think messing with anyone who can’t think for themselves should get CRISPR. So then at when they are old enough they can have a choice of living their lives to the realest or living a genetically modified life.



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