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The Conceptual Idea of Humanism

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Essay Preview: The Conceptual Idea of Humanism

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The conceptual idea of humanism has existed since before the years of Christ.

Biblical records state that when man was created he was made in the image of God. This

image has been passed down throughout the civilizations of Greece ,Egypt, and Roman

times and it has been passed down to our civilization of today. The evidence of this is in

the art of yesterday and the way we view art of today. The way we view art today is in

such a way that we feel and conceptualize what we create. We create things in the image

of how we view our life, our civilization, and our status in this civilization. In applying

the things stated in the previous thought to the human life the result will be art .

Culture is a distinct component of what society is. Culture is in all essence what

culture does. The whole purpose of culture is to in a way define a specific race or creed.

Culture is what makes us unique and very individual. An example of this is myself

and my cousin named Brandon. We are both in the same family and we both have been

raised with the same values but what makes us different is the culture we have adopted in

our lives to help us define the way we feel about ourselves and the way we feel about

society. I feel as if the afro-American race is moving in a progressive manner towards

unity and he feels as if the Afro-American race as a whole is moving towards separation

by the complexion of their skin. The culture that I have adopted has shaped my views

and ideas and the culture he has adopted has shaped his thoughts and ideas. My ideas are

not better than his nor are his better than mine ,just different.

Civilization is defined as many things but you can only define what is civil for

your own civilization. Many people have a definition of what a civilization is but when

they make this definition it is by their own standards which is wrong. A civilization is a

place or group of people who can defend themselves from enemies, get or create a

quantity of food, establish a currency, and develop a trade with others. In America we

view life as a sacred and very precious thing . In other countries death is viewed as the

most sacred thing. However you see the idea or the application of being civil will

determine what is a civilization.

Mythology falls under the category of supreme being. Man has conceptualize the

idea of a supreme being controlling and dictating what he can not explain. In today's



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