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Diversity in the Workplace

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Diversity in the workplace

Richard Jacques

University of Phoenix

I have chosen four items from the list given me to write about. Diversity is necessary in the workplace. People from different cultures bring new ideas and methods to the workplace so I think that a definition is in order. Diversity has to do with recognizing ,respecting, and valuing certain differences based on ethnicity, gender, color, age, race, religion, a disability, even national origin and sexual orientation. Every person has unique characteristics and life experiences. It is these differences that show who we are. These differences make us think differently and act differently. It is a proven fact that a diverse workforce promotes creativity, innovation, and product development. We must overcome predjudice so workers can achieve their full potential . Companies are changing, diversity is prevalent in all societys and companies. This is diversity.


Gender could mean male or female. Discrimination in the workplace is in every aspect of business. Even with the new laws to prevent it it can still be found.

The role of woman in the workplace has changed steadily over the years along with some demographics in the United States resulting in more diversity in the workforce. In nineteen twenty five, it was thought that a womans place was in the home taking care of the children. Woman were not aloud to have a job and were not even aloud to vote. In nineteen 45 the role of woman changed slightly. During World war two, most men had gone to war against the Germans or the Japenese. The mentality of woman in the household was still their but due to the lack of men being able to work, wifes and mothers and every woman able to work wer thrust into work to support the war effort. Woman were put into factories making weapons and bombs for the armies overseas. By the late twentieth century the maentality had changed drastically. The role of woman in the workplace, thanks to new laws enacted by congress, allowed woman equal billing in the workforce. Unfortunately there is still discrimination against woman. Woman are supposed to be equal, but some employers still hold the old fashioned mentality that men can do a better job than woman. The good thing is that woman are doing jobs thought to be only for men. For example, woman do construction, they do demolitions, and they drive tanks in the service. This is only a couple of jobs woman are now doing. In some of my past jobs, I have had to work with woman and in my opinion woman are just as good as men, sometimes better. For managers and employers, knowing and understanding of gender and diversity gives them an edge in the future workforce.

Laws and regulations

The Sex and discrimination act of 1975 and the equal pay act of 1970 says the individuals will not be discriminated against based on sexual gender. Sex discrimination is not allowed in employment, education, advertising, or when providing housing, goods, or services.

The Equal Opportunities Commission and starting in October of 2007 the Commission of Equality will have the power given to them by the President Of The United States, to issue compliance notices in respect to specific duties. That is to say, any company found to be breaking these regulations will pay heavy fines.


The Age Discrimination Act of 1975 prohibits discrimination based on age nin programs and activities that are funded in any way by the federal government. The Age Discrimination Employment act of 1967 protects certain applicants and workers over 40 years of age and older from discrimination on the basis of hiring, promotions and discharge. This rule is enforced by the Equal Opportunity Commission. There are very few states that have enacted their own age discrimination laws. So anyone between the ages of 16 and 39 have no real protection unless there are federal funds being used. Some companies have made up their own rules on age discrimination. Most employers do not have an age limit when applying for employment. A diverse workforce is needed to bring a business into the next century. A workforce made up of the young and the older workers is needed to be able to pass on information needed in today's job force. The younger ones have the drive and the energy to work hard and increase production, while the older workers have the knowledge to teach the younger generation what they need to know to be successful.

Companies have formed taskforces and workshops to provide knowledge and insight into creating a diverse workforce. There are benefits to a diverse workforce: higher retention rate, lower absenteeism, increased motivation, and a wide pool of skills creates a more stable environment for an employee. Training is open to everyone, not just the young. The older workforce should not be overlooked when it come to training in new things. They may be around longer than you think.


The diversity of religion in the United States has increased in recent years. This is due to immigration, mobility, travel, and other things. Religion in the workplace is not something that is openly talked about, but is there just the same. It is illegal to discriminate against someone for age, gender, religion etc...Discrimination is everywhere including the United States and most of



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