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Diversity in the Workplace

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diversity initiatives; (6) succession planning; (7) recruitment; (8) employee involvement in an organization's diversity management; and (9) training for management and staff about diversity management". The report implies that if an organization implements these initiatives or a combination of, a company should have a success in developing and implementing diversity management.

Simply developing diversity management, of course, is not a key to a productive diverse workforce. Having a accountability for workforce development and a strategic Human Resource Management program that staffs, develops, appraises, and fairly rewards a diverse workforce keeps the company functioning in accordance with labor laws and remain solvent.

One cannot talk about diversity in workplace without discussing the "glass ceiling" that exists today for minorities and disabled in the workforce. In a perfect world, all men are created and treated equally in the workforce when it comes to hiring, promotion and career advancement. Although more women and minorities have risen the corporate ladder through both education and/or affirmative action programs, the fact remains that there is disproportion of top management positions in reference to the demographic and racial breakdown of the population. The Black/African-American population is 13.4 percent of the US population yet "African Americans still hold less than 1 percent of the tens of thousands of senior-level, corporate posts at America's 1,000 largest public corporations," . Progress is clear but not as prevalent or rapid enough to match the population.


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