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Business Issue Analysis Paper - Diversity in the Workplace: A Must Have for Success

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Essay Preview: Business Issue Analysis Paper - Diversity in the Workplace: A Must Have for Success

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Business Issue Analysis Paper:

Diversity In The Workplace: A Must Have For Success

Diversity is everywhere in America. People can not leave their homes without encountering some form or shape of it. Diversity is where people eat, where people shop, and, as more people from different backgrounds come to settle in this country, diversity is the world in which everyone lives. To understand the concept of diversity, the root word diverse must be examined. The word diverse is defined by Webster as "Differing from one another; or composed of distinct or unlike elements or qualities." Therefore, this country is a mix; a collage of differences that people take advantage of and enjoy everyday. In addition by Webster defines the word diversity as, "The inclusion of diverse people (as people of different races or cultures) in a group or organization." This definition is mentioned because of the influx of variety has also merged into another important sector of our society, the workforce. Diversity is become a popular trend in today's corporate world and for good reason. Diversity adds to the productivity of the nation's economy by facilitating a better use of talent pools, enhances creativity and innovation in work teams, and improves understanding of their customer base and marketing strategies.

Almost thirty years in the making, diversity in the work place can is longer a new fad. The inclusion of a multi-cultural work environment started in the early 1980's and shows no signs of slowing down. Prior to that, typical employees were white males with families. Now in the early 2000's this group is actually in the minority. Women and minorities account for over seventy percent of the U.S. workforce (Street 152). In 2005 SBC Communications Inc, were named one of the top employers for minorities by Fortune Magazine. Karen Jennings, senior executive vice president of human resources stated that "Diversity creates a better business environment at SBC Communications and has made our company a preferred employer and business partner" (SBC Communications). Ms. Jennings is not alone. Human resource executives around the country are saying that diversity in the workplace can have a number of benefits for their business.

One benefit of diversity is the ability is to have a limitless pool of talent when seeking to fill occupancies. A diverse work environment means being able to draw skills from a wider base of applicants. Mary F Salmon and Joan M Schork in their article, "Turn Diversity to Your Advantage," stated that, "Organizations that restrict themselves to only selected talent pools are forced to recruit deeper into the pool, to lower talent levels" (154). Diversity not only remedies talent shortages but also offers an unlimited range of opportunities to acquire the best recruits for today's demanding business needs. If a business owner or manager were only looking to recruit individuals based upon minor superficialities, they might miss out on finding the right persons for the jobs they need or ultimately put their business at risk for not hiring the most qualified candidate.

Another benefit for the inclusion of diversity in the workplace is the creativity that can come from diverse work teams. By work teams being diverse, it increases the chance for better innovation, which is the key to any business staying on the "cutting edge" of its industry. Salomon and Schork again state, "Creativity is often looking at something familiar



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