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Promotion and Pricing Analysis Paper

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Essay Preview: Promotion and Pricing Analysis Paper

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Dodge Chrysler

The Dodge brothers (John and Horace) got their start making parts for Ford and other automobile makers. From the first Dodge Brothers automobile in 1914, the Dodge brothers' durability and quality have earned the Dodge Company a strong reputation and good sales. After the death of both Dodge brothers, the company started selling 1.5 ton trucks. The postwar Dodge trucks were introduced at the same time as GM and Ford trucks, Dodge managed to beat both those larger companies in sales. In 1971, dodge introduced its "Lifestyle" trucks, designed to meet the needs of families who used them mainly for towing trailers on vacations but also for harsh towing jobs in general. It was rugged, yet comfortable to ride in and not too hard to drive.

Recently Daimler Benz, maker of the Mercedes Benz, buys Chrysler. Chrysler customers are not sure whether they should remain loyal to the vehicles they grew up with, or buy another car not manufactured by the German. When the new better looking, better handling, more reliable models come out, they got over it pretty quick.


Dodge has revamped their marketing strategy and tactics since Daimler Benz bought the company. Dodge use to promote family vehicles that were reliable, affordable and mainly workhorses with not much style or class. Dodge now provides the exact same image with increased reliability and much more style and class than other brands for the same affordable price.

Dodge conducts the majority of their promotions threw television but have also done radio, print, Internet and publicity. An example of a television promotion would be when a middle class couple are leaving their average family home with children and are very well dressed on their way to a fabulous night out on the town in style and luxury. They arrive at an obviously expensive restaurant and valet park their Dodge Ram Quad Cab. This promotion portrays the image that even a family and work vehicle can still be classy or sporty enough to take part in luxurious night life and still be affordable. This promotion is directed toward all families including the higher class of financial standing.

An example of how Dodge used publicity as a form of promotion would be when the Dodge Ram won Truck of the Year four times consecutively. This award was not only widely promoted threw publicity but threw print as well. Billboards have shown a sporty Dodge Ram SRT with the Truck of the Year trophy. Both these promotions were geared towards everyone and specifically towards more mature consumers who were looking for trustworthy vehicles that they could keep for life yet not have to pay an arm and a leg for. All of these promotional items and



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