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Development Project

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This document provides an overview of the systems development project that will modernize the Bead Bar's business practices. Some of Bead Bar's goals include "globalization (The system of interconnected capitalist economies.), digitization of goods (The ability to convert goods into computer files.), and increased speed of commerce with ability to purchase anytime and from anywhere" Information Systems Technology, by Ross A. Malaga.Published by Prentice Hall. Copyright © 2005 by Pearson Education. The project will provide an excellent opportunity to control, monitor, and ensure user and customer satisfaction. The system development life cycle (SDLC) phases will allow Bead Bar to manage and track development of this project.

Bead Bar personnel and the project team will meet and agree on software framework, software maintenance, and detailed activities in the process for the development of the project. The project teams describes the work they will do, develop estimates of mutual efforts, develop a schedule, plan their management and technical approaches, and develop a risk management approach. Bead Bar is committed to replace its current paper-based system with a brand new and modern computer-based system.

The implementation of a new information management system will enable Bead Bar and its divisions to integrate a system to meet management's goals and will meet the interests of the company to move into the global market. It is recommended for Bead Bar to use an enterprise database management system (DBMS). Bead Bar needs to store large amounts of data and has multiple locations which require a database management system that can serve many functions. A distributed database system can ensure smooth access to users simultaneously and at the appropriate time will maintain synchronization of updated copies of the database at each location.

The implemented database management system is a relational database model which is relatively flexible and simple to use. This is a widely used database model that relates tables and links them together through a common field. A database management system such as IBM's DB2 Universal Database Enterprise-Extended Edition can use primary keys and foreign keys to confirm information and can be developed and integrated to deal with many-to-many relationships.

Bead Bar will integrate a data warehouse that works with any transactional database system and is necessary for querying and reporting. This copy of transaction data contains information from all of the companies' internal data that will assist management in decision making. Data mining is a powerful process that applies analytical and statistical methods to find patterns. This information can be used for marketing and sales campaigns.

A high-level computer network design for Bead Bar includes: network topology, network architecture, network protocol, and a network architect. The high-level network will utilize the necessary mix of technology for adequate network management. This grouping of computers that share data, applications, and peripherals enable Bead Bar employees to have the flexibility to access the network via local area networks (LANs), wide area networks (WANs), and wireless LANs (WLANs), which will allow them to work in conference rooms and common areas without being wired.




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