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Bead Bar Systems Development Project

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Essay Preview: Bead Bar Systems Development Project

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BackGround & Introduction

The purpose of The Bead Bar implementing a systems development plan is to globalize their products. The Bead Bar is wishing to attract customers from all over the world. By using a systems development plan, The Bead Bar will be able to reach more customers. The Bead Bar should use an Enterprise DBMS to The Bead Bar.

The enterprise DBMS will allow The Bead Bar is a large enough company that an enterprise DBMS will be what they need. Enterprise DBMS are perfect for organizations, and companies that have multiple locations. The enterprise DBMS can give prices, changes, and inventory information to the different locations. Enterprise DBMS runs from one central location, then branches out to the other locations. They can connect directly to the companys websites to give the information needed to run the business such as item prices and inventory levels.

Recommendation overview:

For Bead Bar the network topography that is recommended is star topography. The reason for the selection of this topography is that the disabling of any node will not effect the rest of the network. Once, the central node has been taken care of the system functions. For Bead Bar the selected architecture is the autonomic network architecture. The reason is that Bead Bar must be able to expand when it wants and the maintenance of the network should not use too muchÐ' of manpower. The autonomic network architecture is the architecture of tomorrow and will support Bead Bar in its expansion efforts.

Network Topology:

The network topology that I will use for Bead Bar will have each of the node of the network linked to a center node with a point-to-point connection. The data that will be sent between the nodes will be sent to the center node, this will be a switch that will transmit once again the data to some or even all nodes of the network. This network will follow the principles of broadcast multi-access network. This topology will support Ethernet configuration.

In case of Bead Bar if the operations of the company expand it may become necessary to replace the switch with a suitable computer for its central point. The design of this topology with be that of a �hub and spokes’. What is important is that the data of Bead Bar will pass through the hub or the connector before it continues to its destination. The concentrator will manage and control all the functions of the network. In Bead Bar, the concentrator should be located at the head office of the company. The cable used with this will be optic fiber cable.

The justification for Bead Bar is that in case of star topology, Bead Bar must concentrate its security on the hub. Even if a node does not function the entire network will not be affected. This is important because maintaining the connectivity of the Bead Bar network is important for the business and growth of Bead Bar.

This material is taken from the website:” Also known as a star network, a star topology is one of the most common network setups where each of the devices and computers on a network connect to a central hub. A major disadvantage of this type of network topology is that if the central hub fails, all computers connected to that hub would be disconnected.”

This material is taken from the website:” With a star topology, the workstations, fileservers, printers etc. are attached via drop cables to a central hub or multiport repeater The hub is central to a star topology and the network cannot function without it. Other hubs may be attached to the first hub via drop cables, creating nodes. These other hubs can themselves have computers attached to them or even further hubs to create further nodes. “

This material is taken from the website:” A star topology connects N devices in a completely symmetrical, peer-to-peer fashion. Each device in the star connects to a central node where all the wires directly join together. The star topology looks like a great way to interconnect a collection of remote devices, but a big problem exists.

Every signal arriving at the central hub encounters the other NвЂ"1 wires all connected together in parallel. Assuming all wires have the same characteristic impedance, Z0, the apparent load impedance of the hub equals Z0/(NвЂ"1), producing a reflection coefficient of (NвЂ"2)/N. Large values of N produce large reflections that wreak havoc on your signal quality. “

Network Architecture:

The system will be having an autonomic networking architecture that will be defined by inputs from application performance data, end-hosts, traffic flows and individual network elements. The system will used historical records and current situation, specifications of the hardware and its configuration. In the architecture at Beads Bar the configuration management will have an accounting capacity with a historical standpoint.

There will be efficient policy management at Bead Bar where there will be excellent standards for security, privacy and access to resources. The users will have a conviction in the system. There will be a perfect match between autognostics and configuration management. In accordance to the principles of autonomic networking there will be a closed control loop, atomization and compartmentalization. The architecture at Bead Bar will take full advantage of function re-composition to enable flexibility and fully autonomic formation of large-scale networks.

There will security subsystem will interact with auto defense, configuration management and high level directives on security.Ð' Ð' The justification is that the operations of Bead Bar are increasing and are ambitious. Bead Bar is likely to start operations on cruiser ships and open showrooms in newer and difficult to access location. The key to the success of network for Bead Bar is to have a system that does not require too much of manual controlling of the system.

This material is taken from the website:Ð' Ð' “Autonomic networking is typically defined as self-management. The term

connotes the self-regulating capability of the human autonomic nervous

system. We don’t think about pumping blood at every waking moment, yet




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