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Cwv Mark 8:29 Paper

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Mark 8:29 Paper

Monica Cisneros

Grand Canyon University: CWV-101

March 7, 2016

        Jesus is the Son of God, part of the Holy Trinity and the Savior of all of humanity. He taught about many different subjects regarding sin, what God is like, and also that he is the one true Son of God. Everything he claimed were inevitably true and it made it so we could better understand who He is and what He came for, according to the scripture.

        The teaching of Jesus that I chose to talk about is when he washes the feet of his disciples. After the last supper, Jesus takes a basin of water and proceeds to wash the feet of his disciples. Before doing this he reminds his disciples that one of them is going to betray him, which of course he was right about later in life. Jesus tells his disciples that he needs to wash their feet and some of them disagree and told Jesus that they would never let him wash his feet, as that was seen as one of the lowest of the chores done by servants. One of his disciples, Simon Peter, told Jesus that he shall never wash his feet. Jesus replied to Peter and said that if he doesn’t let him wash his feet then he has no share with him. Peter let him wash his feet. This scripture is where the common quote, “Jesus answered him, ‘What I am doing you do not understand now, but afterward you will understand,’” (John 13: 7).

        Jesus washes the feet of all his disciples and tells them that this is a example that he wants them to follow. Jesus tells them that they call him Lord and Teacher, and they are right, but even then he washes their feet. Jesus says that they ought to wash the feet of others, and of each other. He teaches that a servant is no better than his master. Jesus tells his disciples that whoever receives him will receive the one who sent him, which is God himself. Jesus’s main teaching was that if they wash each other’s feet, and the feet of others, then the people will know about Jesus’s love. This teaching reveals that Jesus is a loving and caring Savior, so much so that he washes the feet of his disciples. It is said on, that Jesus was giving the disciples, and all Christians, a glimpse of his character.

        In the book of Mark, there is a story about Jesus and a paralytic. It begins with Jesus preaching the word to people at home. Then four men carry a paralytic to Jesus into the house. Jesus is asked to help heal the paralytic. Jesus tells the paralytic that his sins are forgiven, and he does this in front of all the people in there. All the people in the place are thinking that Jesus does not have the power to forgive a man of their sins, only God has the power to do that. Jesus replies by saying that he has the power to forgive sins on earth, and also has the power to heal the paralytic. He then commands the paralytic to take up his bed and go home, and the paralytic does so. All of the people there were amazed and glorified God.



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