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Cwv 101 - Mark 8:29

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Mark 8:29 Paper

Barbara Smith



Dr. Sherman

        In the Bible there are many claims about who Jesus Christ is and what his purpose is. In this paper I will be summarizing and analyzing a claim from the Bible, Matthew 6:19-24 about who Jesus is. I will be discussing from Matthew 6:19-24 Jesus’ point from this teaching, the relevance that Matthew 6:19-24 has towards other worldviews. In addition, what these verses reveal about Jesus, the nature and/or purpose of Jesus’ ministry and significance, and in my own words describe my own beliefs about who Jesus Christ is.

         In Matthew 6:19-24, Jesus Christ is teaching principles that material objects that people show adoration for here on planet Earth do not mean anything and that a person’s soul and mind should only be truly focused and devoted toward only God. An example is when Jesus states, in Matthew 6:19, “do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy, and where thieves break in and steal.” In this verse Jesus is saying that a person should not care about their material possessions on earth because they will not last forever. Matthew 6:20 gives the justification, a person’s valuables will be in heaven and not on earth; for example, “but store up for yourselves treasures in heaven,” In addition, Matthew 6:20 goes on to say, “where moths and vermin do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal” (Bible study tools, n.d.). The meaning behind this means that one cannot taint the treasures of heaven or steal one’s treasures in heaven. These two verses also talk about how people “invest time, energy, and money to accumulate things, whether it’s a big bank account, share portfolio, investment properties, etc.…” (Sermon Central, 2011). Matthew 6:21 explains that if we get happiness from material objects then that is where your heart is; this means that a person consumed for valuable earthly objects in this life then God is removed from the heart because there is not enough room for both. Money and material possession also change the way a person is, and you will feel more about them then you feel about God and Jesus Christ (Store your treasure, n.d.). Furthermore, Matthew 6:22-24 tells us that we have allowed ourselves to have darkness in our hearts, and that we are squarely focused on possessions or objects that are sinful or wicked. This teaching reveals just how materialistic the world is how society and social structures view being materialistic is expectable; whether these material objects are things or people; for example, slaves and dehumanizing them, or they are used and owned for sexual pressure (Baumann, 2011). It also reveals that Jesus was a simple man, a man whole healed the sick and helped perform miracles, and that he was able to gather people from all walks of life and believes to listen and follow Him.

        In Matthew 9:1-8, Jesus travels by boat to a town called Capernaum and heals a paralyzed man. A man was brought to Jesus by friends who great faith and believed that Jesus could heal the paralytic man. Jesus Christ is a person who is given remarkable power in words and actions. In Matthew 9:5-6 states; “Your sins are forgiven. Rise, pick up your bed and go home.” This means that Jesus can get rid of any illness or injury of the heart and mind. Jesus Christ can get rid of this paralysis and give humanity the gift of walking with new faith in God.

The significance is that everyone no matter who they are deserves forgiveness and sometimes the healing that the person needs is more spiritual and emotional rather than physical.

I would describe Jesus Christ as an absolute healer, teacher, leader, friend, a man of His word, and lived each day of His life according to the word of God. My beliefs about Jesus Christ are traditional. I was raised in a Christian home and attended church growing up, was taught about Jesus’ birth, life, teachings, death, and resurrection from the dead. When I was young I learned about accepting Jesus as my savior, growing up I knew that God sent Jesus Christ, His Son to earth to save humanity from their sins so that I and the rest of humanity could have everlasting life. However, it wasn’t until about over a year ago that I decided to get baptized and finally accept Jesus Christ as my savior.  As a child I was only taught simple things about Jesus Christ’s life, now as an adult I have learned so much more than I did as a child. Believing in the word of God means that I have faith in Him and things that God said will come to pass will.



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