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Crmx Swot Analysis

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Table of Contents

Background and understanding or problem 4

Project purpose and scope 8

Approach and work plan/process 9

Project fees and schedule 10

Anticipated outcomes and benefits 11

Consultant credentials 11

Conclusion 12

Appendix I 13

Table 1 - A SWOT+ Data Gathering Table (STRATEGY) 13

Table 1.1 - A SWOT+ Data Gathering Table (FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT) 14

Table 1.2 - A SWOT+ Data Gathering Table (HR MANAGEMENT) 15

Table 1.3 - A SWOT+ Data Gathering Table (IT/MGT INFOSYSTEMS) 17

Table 1.4 - A SWOT+ Data Gathering Table (PRODUCTION OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT) 18

Table 1.5 - A SWOT+ Data Gathering Table (MARKETING MANAGEMENT) 21

Appendix II 24

Financial review and forecast 24

Ration Analysis 25

Background and understanding or problem

CRMx started as a software developer in B2B target market in 1995 by the name of Contact Record Management. Board of management and funder included four friends who are graduated from Capital Region University (CRU). The first outcome was Contac+ which became the core of business in following years. The first contract is signed with CRU which created fundamental structure and experience for the company. History of company elaborated that CRMx had an improvement trend from 1996 up to 2000 when developing objective set from the board of management. The new product is named as “CRMact” which has a certain value added in compare with “Contact +” and can data-mine faster, better and cheaper than another competitor in the market.

Immediate action required to change the current critical situation to huge success.

Due to new product development objective, the company faced several issues in below areas:

- Operation

- Finance

- Marketing

- HR

On the other hand, using the new product, which utilized large resource from the company, as a tool to change the current critical situation to considerable success for the company is the main concern for top managers. Specific gaps are defined between company objectives and current operational structure, finance, and operational process (SWOT, Appendix I). On the other hand, different mindset among top managers regarding overtime payment, would conclude different approach in payment method and create a conflict of job satisfaction and can be an additional reason for staff to leave. Precisely, this issue has an enormous loss for a company who is working in technical industry Moreover, characteristic of fast-growing software development companies, created different direction in company strategy which required various policies and procedures which is not showing in the trend of company execution(S-Appendix I). 40% over budgeting in this development project from 1 million dollars to 1.4 million dollars made the tax return. It happens when the company is facing new issues such as pricing system which is a challenge for managing director and made them unable to forecast to return this money accurately. The mentioned tax return also not proceed appropriately since the company doesn’t have a clear policy and procedure for the finance department to enforce it. Due to the current strategy of HR deduction, the constraint of resource, and current structure of the company, the new product cannot have a reasonable RIO(F-Appendix I).

In HR part, high complexity of new product and uncertainty of current level of technical knowledge of project managers seems can be a dangerous issue after the launching the product. Having the same power of leadership and management due to the having the equal share in the company seems another problem which limited the flexibility in execution. While leaving the job is a part of the employer expectation in Ontario, continuing Honeycomb structure in developing stage, enhanced the job dissatisfaction and rate of resigned from the position in the company. This issue became more highlighted when exposed in an interview with employees who saw the invoice for payment for other outsource developer who paid twice a time of him. It shows that due to the open structure of the company, not only confidential information is sharing with departments, but also, the employee would be involved in details, which are not related to them but can create the specific adverse effect. Even it revealed that data leakage is happening easily and it is not under the management control since everybody has access to every information and data. This issue would be the same interface between HR and operational system. Furthermore, since the company would stick to the first product and continue to sale the “Contact+” which required a dedicated technician and sales force, CRMx faced with a requirement of expensive outsourcing staff. Feeling ignoring from HR department from engineering who raised their voice to HR regarding the uncomfortable situation in the workplace with no result, can be another problem in HR procedure and execution. Precisely it is unavoidable when director finance is same as HR manager and trying to cover too many hats (H-Appendix I).

In the area of technology which is the core of the business, the particular flow of enhancing the complexity of installation for a new product is defined by top managers which can be the root of a new challenge for future. On the other hand, while technical department admires the minimum bug in the new product, there are plenty of issue in an initial product which neglecting to solve, and again it would be unavoidable due to the constraint of technical resources. All this effect on the technical side would take the speed of company which can conclude to missing the release window possibility for a new product (T-Appendix I). The operational side of the company is in the critical situation since the objective and current strategy are not matched with the existing functional system. As mentioned while Honeycomb structure implemented to increase efficiency in a communication system, creativity and learning for all managers and staff, top managers doubt the result. Customer communication



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