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Comparison of Animal Farm and Divergent

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Essay Preview: Comparison of Animal Farm and Divergent

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comparison of Animal farm and Divergent






        George Orwell (2003), says that all power tents to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely which is a form of subjugation from the authorities. This text is witnessed all through the Animal farm and also in divergent by Neil Burger (2014). All this is demonstrated to prove that power cannot be attained without corruption in our societies. It clearly indicates that power is deep rooted into corruption. It also clarifies that once an individual tests power, he/she craves for more and thus mental manipulation and intellectual superiority must be fully integrated and utilized in order to grasp power. Therefore, form the ideas postulated in the above texts it is clear that all power tents to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely thus subjugation and inequality as a result of corruption which is employed to clutch power.

        Both Divergent and Animal farm, postulates that inequality and subjugation is conveyed to a society through corruption which makes power attainable. The power hungry characters and their ambitions are reflected throughout both stories whereby the characters use all means of corruption for elevation of their status. Audience clearly observes the kind of subjugation portrayed in divergent. People with a variety of divergent traits are not supposed to live because they are killed by Dauntless due to the threat they cause. Beatrice, a member of Abnegation faction discovers that she is divergent with three traits; Erudite, Abnegation and Dauntless (Burger 2014). However, Beatrice is given a warning to keep her secret by sticking to one trait, Abnegation on choosing day. This text displays inequality experienced in Divergent by several members of that community.

        On the other hand, George Orwell intentionally criticizes the regime of the communists he had seen sweeping through Europe, and spreading to United States and also Russia. Through his comments, Orwell concurs with many Marxist principles, that he disagrees with communist interpretation of socialism because he observed similarities between the previous Czarist regimes and communist governments in the Old Russia. Orwell thought that communism was inherently hypocritical. Through his fairy story Animal farm, he explains communist system. Napoleon's subsequently adopts all principles of Mr. Jone and harsh mistreatment of the animals which reveals clearly to the audience that communism is just another inequality rather not equality. The dogs and the pigs grab most of the powers for themselves claiming to be the best government administrators.



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