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Causes of American Revolution

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Many countries have wars that affect them in one way or another. Now, the outcome is different, the outcome of any war can totally change the way of life in a country or do nothing for it. A war that made a great impact on the united states of America was the revolutionary war. The revolutionary war was the united states way of moving towards independence. Americans were under the control of the British while this all started. The main point of the revolution was so that the American people can gain the respect and freedom that was rightfully theirs. The British were in high debt and decided that a fast and easy way to make revenue was by taxiing Americans and having them provide housing for British troops in America out of their own pocket. Some of the taxes put up against Americans were the sugar act of 1764which set higher duties ion sugar and lower on molasses. The tea act of 1773 which reduced the price of tea yet gave monopoly to companies in eastern India. Not all of the new laws from Britain were allowed one of which was the stamp act 1766 which placed a large variety of taxes on certain legal documents. Shortly after while British were facing a small depression they passed the town shed acts of 1767 which had placed taxes on everything from clothes to paper to tea. They American people were not very pleased with all of these new taxes. American citizens started protesting against British laws and doing whatever they could to not have to follow them. As Americans started rebelling against the British, battles were rising all over the nation. First was the rebellion in Boston, as we know the Boston tea party, where Americans snuck onto ships and dumped many boxes of tea into the harbor. Now, around this time everyone could say that Americans had been irritated a great deal because they were being pushed around as if they were babies. They started circulating letters and newspapers on how what the British were doing was unfair and that something should be done, and something definitely was. Thomas Paine had written and circulated a pamphlet titled common sense and provided a thoughtful set of reasons on why for our independence. The next step was taken into the hands of congress which ordered a committee to write a more formal document t on our reasons for independence. Writers chosen were Benjamin Franklin; John Adams; Roger Sherman; and also had thoughts offered by Robert Livingston. Though the document was fully written



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