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American Revolution

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Was the American revolution revolutionary? That was the question given to us by you to discuss and decide on a position, hence position paper. Well to fully answer this you have to know what is a revolution. The dictionary states that a revolution is an attempt to overthrow of one government and its replacement with another#. There have been many revolutions in history like the Russian Revolution and Chinese. Was the American Revolution revolutionary? To tell the truth, I really don't think so and in this paper I will explain to you why.

Revolutions have taken place in many places in history.

The Russian Revolution of 1905. It all started with Father Georgii Gapon, a Russian Orthodox priest who headed a police-sponsored workers' association, led a huge, peaceful march in St. Petersburg to present a petition to the tsar. The troops that were there began to shoot at them, killing hundreds that day alone. This sparked the revolution that started to end in late 1905 with the issuing of the October Manifesto, which gave civil liberties to all of the citizens. This revolution was needed because the people of Russia did not have any real freedoms#.

Personally I do not believe that the American revolution was at all a revolution. There was no radical change in the government, and there was no lack of freedom in the colonies. I believe the revolution was caused by what causes most problems in the United states of America, even today. MONEY. I believe the revolution was started because of all the taxes that were being issued to the colonies, like the stamp act and tea tax that soon led to the Boston tea party. They were getting angry because of the fact that they were being sucked dry for their resources and money. The colonies did not want a radical change of government. All they wanted was the taxation to stop.

The revolution wasn't started because of the discontent with the government they had. They were sick of the money being taken from them. They decided to do something about it, resulting in the American Revolution.

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Russian Revolution



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