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Case Study

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My idea for the team project is on the current process used for repair or replacement for the Sony Playstation 2 systems after the 90-day warranty period. The process used before the warranty period is over is very efficient. There is rarely a variation in the process time. The process is a storefront calls in for a return authorization form. We then fax the form to them, and the manager fills it out at his convenience (The managers usually fills it out the same day). He/she then faxes the form back to us, and we verify all the information that same day, or the next business morning. We then call back the manager and issue him/her a return authorization number. The manager then boxes up the defective unit and sends it back to us via Fed Ex. Once we receive the package, we send out a new unit back to the storefront the same day. This system works very well for us, and we have been noted in the industry for our quick turn around time.

The process after the warranty period is not as efficient mainly because the process is out of our control. The process is the storefront calls in to inform us about a system out of warranty, and we issue them the phone number to the nearest authorized Sony repair center. The manager then sends the unit to the repair center. The repair fee is $115 plus shipping and handling (this averages to about $120-125). The payment is also due when the system is sent. The repair center then repairs the unit at their convenience, and sends the repaired unit back to the storefront. The turn around time is about 5 weeks. The shipping fee back is the store's responsibility.

This process is not only inconsistent, but it makes our customers hesitate to place a reorder due to the fees involved, and the long time for repair. For the project, I will use 4 tools that will show various reasons for the inconsistency, and will show the step-by-step processes. The 4 tools are:

1. Brainstorming

2. Fishbone Diagram

3. Flowchart

4. Force Field



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