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Case Study of a 14 Year Old Girl

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Essay Preview: Case Study of a 14 Year Old Girl

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Rashelle Caliebe

Houston Community College


This case study is about a 14-year-old girl name Lauren. She is blonde with green eyes, very tall and full of positive energy. She has the complex of being a “14-going-on-20” girl. She likes to steal her mom’s make-up in an effort to impress those around her at school or at friends houses. She has two highly capable parents of which her mom is a stay at home mom and her dad works in the oil industry. They live in a nice neighborhood and has many kids her age around her neighborhood. Lauren is in 8th grade and moving on to high school next year. She is sociable and has few issues with school. I’m doing this girl because she is someone I have been around for a long time and have gotten to know her easily and comfortably.

Physical Development:

Lauren is average build and height for her age. Growing up she was diagnosed ADHD but was told that she grew out of it by the age of 11. She would have issues paying attention for longer periods of time and had a lot of energy to a point of not being able to focus. She has to redo the 3rd grade because of this. As of these days she id doing well in this department and has grown into herself. Lauren is very active in her every day life and had taken up lacrosse. This has been in her life for a couple years and it’s a great way to expel extra energy if she feels abnormally hyper.

Even though she may still have the diagnosis of ADHD she has found ways to use this energy and the effects have become milder over the passing years. “Symptoms of ADHD, particularly hyperactivity, may decline in adolescence. But recent studies have shown that symptoms may continue in milder form into adulthood” (Manis, 2017)

Cognitive Development:

Lauren’s cognitive development is average. She struggles occasionally but is able to catch on after a while. Perhaps due to still having a little bit of an attention problem. Lauren excels mostly in math. She finds it easier than most of her other classes due to it keeping her mind busier. She is average in her other classes. When Lauren was younger she used to only be able to sit still for just a couple minutes at a time before not being able to sit still or pay attention for much of what her parents or teacher would be trying to do or teach her. ADHD affects many and it is a struggle for most and there is no exception in Laurens case. Her family has really supported her through her childhood, learning new ways of teaching her and handling her in tough situations where her ADHD is acting up or causing Lauren to misbehave or be unable to pay attention to those around her.

                        Social and Emotional Development:

Lauren has a lot of friends in her school and at home. She loves living close to classmates that she likes. Lauren has always been social. She likes to be around others and rarely has an attitude especially with her family. Lauren has just started to express interest in boys as well as her appearance over the last year. She is constantly trying to do chores to earn money to buy the things she wants and occasionally her parents may buy her something she asks for if she receives good grades. Lauren seems to have a good sense of her friends and the impact they can have on her “Friends provide support and companionship as adolescents explore new aspects of themselves in the quest to form a personal identity” (Manis. 2017)



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