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Case Study Analysis

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Carl Robins was hired six months ago as the company's new campus recruiter for ABC, Inc. Carl was very successful with his first recruitment of 15 new trainees in April. After being with the company for six months, Carl was becoming progressively more aggravated due to another training scheduled for July, which was not working out well. Carl's procrastination has lead to a lack of organization which resulted in unanticipated delays for the training. The reasons for Carl's aggravation can be analyzed and thus solutions can be found to prevent Carl from procrastinating in the future.


One of Carl's identifiable problems is his procrastination on finalizing the new trainee paperwork necessary to conduct the orientation scheduled for June 15. Carl had ensured his boss that everything would be ready for the scheduled orientation. Not only was the paperwork not finalized, the training room was also booked for the entire month of June. Thus making things more worrisome and aggravating for Carl.

By assuring his boss, Monica Carrolls, prior to the orientation that everything was in order, Carl put himself in a very precarious situation to have to make it a point to let her know that he was not honest and that his assumptions on the time frame for the orientation was inaccurate. At this point Carl does not want to go back to Monica Carrolls and confess that he was not prepared. Let's look at why this has happened and how this situation can be avoided in the future so that Carl does not loose his job.

Cause and effect

Carl procrastinated in the preparation of the training files and scheduling the training room. Drug tests and TB test were not completed and put into the trainee's files as required. With two weeks to complete these files and find a training room, Carl began to panic and became very frustrated with himself. To make matters worse, Carl put himself in an awkward position by telling his boss that they were on schedule, before looking to see where things stood at that time for the training.

Now with only two weeks until the scheduled orientation, the effects of Carl's procrastination and lack of organization are beginning to take the shape of panic while Carl tries to find ways to get himself out of this disaster that he has created for himself. At this time Carl can become very creative and pull this training off as long as he turns his frustration into creativity and gets to work.

Proposed Solution

Carl should have had a preplanned calendar to check daily for tasks that needed to be completed by the agreed upon deadline. The uncompleted training folders should have been filed in a location on the desk to remind Carl of the follow up calls needed to be made on a daily basis. Carl should have also reserved the training room the day he had a date penciled



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