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Case Study Analysis Facebook.

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Case Study Analysis Facebook

March 10th, 2019

FACEBOOK is a company created by a Harvard’s student, Mark Zuckerberg, in 2004. His intention was create a system where give people opportunity to have access to different people profiles. The idea was allow people to choose if their information would be public or private. So, the success of the Facebook web site was immediately, reaching up to 2000 Harvard’s students registered in 24 hours. The initial idea was connect only students from colleges, however as result of its success, in 2006 Facebook opened up to everyone. Nowadays, statistics from “Statistics Web portal (” shows that Facebook has 2.32 Billion monthly active users.

Facebook is unique when the subject is personal marketing. In fact, Facebook gives power do brands to reach their specific public. The company uses algorithm to combine information from users that can, later, be used by companies. For instance, by creating groups of profiles based on users’ posts, likes, photos, videos, sharing, and views, companies can reach their potential customers by using direct marking to this group of profiles related to their business. It increases the chances of success of the business.

The company has as strengths that give advantages on the market. First, Facebook is among the biggest companies of the world by marketing value. It is also the biggest social media network on the internet. Billions of active accounts and businesses of all sizes are on the platform. In addition, its resources to keep the loyalty of the users represent a strong strategy of the company that makes difference on its marketing such as its continuously resource innovation. There is nothing that you cannot do on Facebook. Moreover, Facebook has an expertise in rapid expansion. By staying present everywhere, Facebook is in continuo increasing. For example, the company has taken small and big other companies over the years, such as WhatsApp and Instagram, which allow the company keeps its growth.

On the other hand, Facebook has weaknesses that can represent risks to the company. To begging with, the privacy of their users. In fact, it is a weakness of the company because users´ data may be improperly shared. For instance, a recent case involving the Facebook, which about 87 million users´ data were shared with political consultancy Cambridge Analytic (The Irish Times, 2018). Moreover, the easy way that accounts can be created favors the fake accounts that make users feel insecure. As a result of this, the



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