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Bridge Design Concept

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Bridge Design Concept

Our bridge consists of three levels supported by 1" high cylinders to support each level. On each level we will have rows of both three and four cylinders extending across the middle. Each cylinder will be stacked on another, evenly offset and centered to gain support. Our bridge will be 28" X 2 -7/8". The length of our bridge is probably the biggest and most significant contributor to our outcome. The desk table gap is 14" long, while our bridge length is 28" long. This shows that we would only be testing a small portion of our long bridge. It is significant because we have the advantage of having twice the amount of supporters, while we will be only testing a small portion of our bridge. With all of our cylinders we know that this bridge will evenly distribute weight.

Our bridge will span 28" long. Our main supporting system is in the shape of a cylinder. We chose the cylinder because it is capable of supporting a large amount of weight. Each cylinder will brushed with an outer coat of Elmer's Glue to increase the cylinder's strength. The bridge will consist of three levels. Each level will be supported by evenly spaced 1" X Ð..." cylinders. The cylinders on the second level will be offset from the cylinders above and below it. This design will ensure the weight on the bridge will be evenly distributed. The bridge will be incased on all sides with an outer sheet of paper to increase weight distribution.

In our design, we feel that the geometric shapes and the dimensions we chose will greatly affect the outcome of our bridge. We expect this bridge to hold a great amount of weight because our cylinders will be reinforced and backed up by one another. Since our bridge has stacks and multiple levels, we expect it to be strong. When we stack the weights onto our bridge, the offset cylinders will act like triangles, evenly distributing weight in a fine pattern. This pattern is guaranteed to hold firmly into a strong basic design, strong enough to stack a large series of weight at one time. We know that our measurements have to be exact and we plan to take careful time and



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