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Boeing Case Study

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William Boeing founded the Boeing airplane company in early 20th century. After strings of acquisition and mergers, this company grew and became the current largest world aerospace industry. Followed by previous reorganizations in 19990s, this company decided to start its branding campaign in May 2001. This campaign was consisting of lots of effort and structural changes for the first time in this corporate history. The media was showing the initial success of this campaign just after its beginning. Few days after the grand opening of the new headquarter in Chicago, which was part of campaign, the world shocked by the act of terrorism. On September 11, 2001 terrorist used this company's product as weapon of mass destruction to massacre innocent people. Four Boeing airplanes used by terrorist caused a great concern for this company about its swinging campaign. Some serious decision needed to be taken about branding process.


Although Boeing's top management considered this company as a top global brand, critics believed this company did not make adequate changes in regard to its growth, in other words, did not adapt itself to 21st century. Public was thinking of Boeing as a traditional company which does not promote its public image as other similar corporation does. Business Week's survey suggested that Boeing received no rank among top best 100 companies by public in year 2000. In order to catch up with global growth, Boeing started its branding campaign a bit too expansive and no body predicted such a disaster on septer11, 2001, which caused lots of problems for this company.


Boeing moved for right track. They decided to compete with other global brands in terms of public image and goodwill. As Phil Condit, Boeing CEO and chairman, announced at Farnborough air show in 2000, this company goals are focusing on: running healthy core businesses, leverage the company's strength into both new products and services, and open new frontiers. Achieving these major goals can improve Boeing public image both domestically and internationally. There are other areas of weakness existed within this company such as adaptation to new business and communication methods. Boeing must have more participation in areas of public to prove that it is



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