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Billcutterz Swot Analysis

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In 2009, Barry Gross brought a unique set of skills and experiences that helped start off as a successful business venture. His sole purpose of giving services to clients allows them to save money on their bills. His expertise in negotiation and willingness to teach and shape employees to become effective negotiators has led to initial success for his start-up. As Grosses business progressed into the growth phase, he failed to anticipate several key problems that could leave his company unable to serve its customers effectively. After being recognized on ABC News Tonight and other news stations, his business took off. Gross was clearly not prepared for the exposure and increased popularity, and suffered.

Taking a look at Billcutterz, through the SWOT analysis, we can look at their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats within the business. Analyzing the companies SWOT will help Mr. Gross manage and eliminate the threats that could ruin the company. Some of Billcutterz’ strengths are their ability to negotiate lower rates and save on customers’ bills where the company receives half of the savings profit as income, only for the first year. They also have low fixed costs for their office space and equipment. Billcutterz allows anyone 18 and older to be a potential client as they have bills worth negotiating , which allows their customer base large. They also have a limited amount of barriers in the bill negotiation industry which gives them no competitors.

The weaknesses they face is their profitability depending on the employees ability to save clients money. The amount of money saving experts are hard to find and need constant training to keep up the good work. Billcutterz faces high labor costs on experts, dependency on negotiating experts, and profitability depends on time along with money. The more money they make the more money the company gets!

Opportunities and threats are tightly thrown together as they closely affect each other. Some opportunities consist of corporate business and organizations offer a big market for the business. This allows then to venture into high returns. If the company allowed referrals, it would help the company to better anticipate along with plan for new customers. Threats to Billcutterz are large jumps in enrollment stressed the companies ability to serve customers in a timely fashion. Their expansion has made Gross concentrate on more training and finding people instead of restructuring the business. After analyzing the companies SWOT , Gross needs to focus on finding knowledgeable individuals to complement his business approach. Doing this allows him to focus on common strategies to increase income for the company.

When looking at the profitability ratios, the indicate the company’s overall efficiency and performance divided into margins and returns. The company’s margins indicate their ability to turn sales into money while returns indicate their ability to measure their efficiency of the business to generate returns for shareholders. I chose net profit margin to look at, using Billcutterz numbers, it shows how much of each sales dollar ends up as net income after paying all expenses and it is calculated from their income statements.

Taking the equation Net Income divided by Net Sales to



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