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B2b and B2c Marketing

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There are many differences between business to business and business to consumer when marketing is done. There are some similarity of the two which is they both sell to people (2006, Perry). People who buy from either business to business or business to consumer have some basic need to be fulfilled which makes them make a purchase (2006, Perry). The business to consumer decisions normally involves one person and business to business usually involves many people. This paper will explain the difference in the marketing of business to business and business to consumer; additionally, the paper will compare the websites of the two plus give an example of each of the different ways of marketing.

Business to business marketing identifies the target market which can be in sales, legal, finance, marketing, facilities, logistics, manufacturing, or IT. The business has to understand the best ways to market in order to guarantee success in the product or service they are marketing. The best way to guarantee success is to fully understand the business to business campaigns which will make for the business through the marketing.

The marketing mix is one of the most famous phrases in marketing and both business to business and business to marketing both uses this mix to market their products and services. The elements are the marketing 'plans' (2005, Marketing Mix). The marketing mix is also known as the 'four Ps', the marketing mix elements are price, place, product, and promotion (2005, Marketing Mix). Businesses use the marketing mix to impact the development of the businesses marketing strategy and tactics to promote their products to either other businesses or consumers.

Business to consumer marketing is the influence which will make an individual have the overwhelming influence to the consumer to purchase his or her product or service in which the business is marketing. In business to consumer sales the individual will usually get opinions to make choices about his or her purchase but the individual is the one person making the decision to make the purchase. The business has to make the purchaser want to buy their product or service over all the competitors.

An example of business to consumer marketing is the Kellogg's Company. How did the Kellogg's Company become such a successful company? Kellogg's used marketing through to become the number one producer of cereal around the world. Kellogg's sells to the consumer through many differences marketing strategy's including the internet, commercials, ads, and samples at the supermarkets. Kellogg's marketing is so immense that they can charge a premium for their brand and product and the consumer still purchases his or her product. Kellogg's is not the cheapest brand but because of their years in business and reputation they can charge more for their product than most competitors. The products of Kellogg's do change with the needs and desires of their customers to make them the



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