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Australia Day Should Not Be Celebrated on January 26th

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Australia Day should not be celebrated on January 26th 

As January 26th approaches each year, this is a day where majority Aussies look forward to a day off work, go out with friends and family for fun, laughter and drinks. Those opposed to Australia Day, mainly for the date on which it is celebrated, do so because of the historical significance – the British invasion and the destruction it brought, not only to Australia’s and its land but also to the warm and frightened hearts of the young and elderly indigenous.

Consequently, most Aboriginals believe that Australia or Invasion Day is quiet offensive as they describe its real pain that is meant to be felt on this date.

Although Australia day is a day to have a right to smile and celebration Australia’s independence, I strongly agree with this statement, what happened on this date is not worthy of celebrating, this is because on this day many Aboriginals reflect on the way they were treated and slaved by the British. One of thousands of examples is the first fleet, when the first fleet arrived, the Indigenous were racially discriminated by the “white” and were forced to be slaves. The aboriginals were forced to leave their handmade houses and cut down trees, if they retaliated, they would be killed. This resulted in over 190000deaths.

I believe that Australia day should be changed or not celebrated on the 26th of January and should be changed to a different day as the Aboriginals were to live on this land before anyone else. So, what gives us the right to celebrate something that doesn’t consider us. Today each one of you gets a day off school to celebrate “Australia Day” but who here thinks and reflects about what this day is about? None of you, that is because we see Australia day as a day off to relax and catch up with friends.




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