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Australia and N.Z.

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Essay Preview: Australia and N.Z.

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Overall view of colonization of Australia and New Zealand

The overall idea of getting rid of the criminals in one country and sending them to what is to be believed to be deserted land sounds good to those who are ridding themselves of the criminals. But, if that land is not deserted and contains people of a totally different culture, there will most definitely be problems.

The ridding of the criminals turned these two countries around (Australia and New Zealand). Great Britain viewed these two lands as excellent ways to improve their land by getting rid of 65,000 criminals. The Aborigines were not considered and their way of life had to react to the change. At first the change was reluctant, but eventually there was no choice for them the adapt as the surroundings

The Maori were less reluctant to change when the missionaries arrived. Even today, the Maori are a proud people and participate in their heritage rituals of the past to show their loyalty.

When the prisoners were sent, there was no consideration for the people that were already there. They were simple people who were happy with the way their lives were. One cannot help but to think what would life be like had there not been any invasions of these two countries. Would the people still be leading their simple lives? Would they have eventually adapted? My view is that the people may have adapted to some of the technology to make their lives easier, but overall, it would have been nice to see these cultures thrive on our fast paced society at their own pace.



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