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Arthur Miller Case

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Arthur Miller wrote the Crucible to mirror the actual "witch hunts" that plagued America in the 1950s. Similar to the Crucible a mass hysteria started in America when people feared an internal threat of Communist supporters after World War II. Communism was to Americans as witchcraft was to Puritans. The government was soon launching full-scale investigations into all Americans. People lost their jobs, books were being banned, and people were forced to take an oath of loyalty as a result of the hysteria that was slowly rising. The U.S government was encouraging people to name anyone they thought was a possible Communist supporter or sympathizer and the government would bring people to court for owning a book that they had decided supported Communist, Fascist, or Totalitarian beliefs. People brought into the courts in America shared resemblance to those brought in, in Salem. Supposed Communist were accused on the basis of whatever other people thought and not real tangible evidence. Even what people would consider the top of society like Hollywood's directors and producers couldn't escape accusations of aiding the Communist Party. The Rebecca Nurse's and John Proctors' of society could not avoid being brought to trial on the basis of their films supporting Communist ideas. 10 of Hollywood's were convicted of promoting Communist ideas, served short prison terms, and were "blacklisted" making it near impossible for the ten to get jobs. Like Rebecca Nurse the ten didn't denied any involvement with the Communist Party, but the government much like Danforth refused to believe it.

Characters like Thomas Putnam and Abigail saw the witch trials in Salem as away to increase their social standing. During the Anti-Communist periods in America there was a Senator from Wisconsin that also had the same idea. He preached about owning all these names of people that supported Communism to help him gain support in his elections; just like Putnam used it to get more land. Most of his accusations weren't accurate and very exaggerated. He achieved his goal and was able to take control of Anti- Communist parties and start investigating organizations like the Army. The "McCarthyism" or Red Scare was over with the investigation of the Army and when the court was undermined causing it to collapse. Senator McCarthy, the chief finger pointer or Abigail, in this case was brought to justice and was investigated



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