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How Does Arthur Miller Use Dramatic Devises

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Essay Preview: How Does Arthur Miller Use Dramatic Devises

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How does Arthur Miller use dramatic devises

To portray the character Eddie in A View

from the Bridge?

Dramatic devices are an element of a play used to build a better understanding of the character. Dramatic devices come into play better when performed rather than read. Arthur Miller uses various dramatic devices to portray the character of Eddie, and let the reader or audience think about how Eddie is thinking. This essay will look at the different dramatic devices used.

The most used and obvious dramatic device used is the colloquial American dialect. The way the play is written makes the reader read it with an American/Italian accent. For example Arthur Miller has swapped words like 'you' for 'yiz' in the sentence 'ill see yiz later' or abbreviates words in the appropriate places for example 'my mother'll know her' This shows the actor how to speak in a casual working class American/Italian accent and get into character better.

As A View from the Bridge is a play there are stage directions. These are another way of showing how Eddie is feeling without him saying so. For example in one scene Eddie is sitting in his rocking chair and surging back and forth, as if he was slightly deluded. Anyone watching the play could tell that Eddie was angry before he even says anything. It could also be perceived that Eddie was plotting something. Other examples of this are when he stands angrily cracking his knuckles showing he is mad and up for a fight.

Another dramatic device cleverly used by Arthur Miller is sub-text. This makes the audience think about Eddie's attitude to the other characters, especially the other males. He adds simple events into the plot, which can mean a great deal to the play. For example Marko challenges Eddie to lift the chair one handed. This fails and Eddie is proved not to be the strongest male. I think Eddie feels his place at the top of the unofficial pecking order threatened so tries to re-establish himself as alpha male. Eddie starts to challenges Rodolpho's sexuality and puts him down a lot as Rodolpho sings, dances and makes dresses. For example he asked Catherine if Rodolpho is making a dress for her, in front of him in a sarcastic way ' Knocked off for Christmas early (indicating the pattern) Rodolpho



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