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Animal Farm

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Animal Farm is one of British novelist Orwell’s masterpieces, describing the brewing, rising up and final transformation of an “animal” revolution. The story has an exciting beginning but a miserable ending. When I started reading the book, I just felt funny, while the more I read, the sadder I felt, and when I got through the whole book, grief and despair filled my heart.

Animal Farm is a reflection of the politics. It tells us there is no absolute equality. The so-called equality and freedom are limited, relative and short. Just like the story, a group of animals with a vision of the ideal attempt to break the old order. They should be out of the cage, but finally they jump into another trap. This is not the end yet, but a new beginning. They are still being deceived, enslaved and ruled. Inequality is the invariable outcome.

In the story, different animals stand for different kinds of human beings. The character of greedy, selfish, cowardice, vain and foolish in animals obviously can be interpreted as the dark side of human nature. While freedom and equality are human’s immutable pursuit all the time. Among the animals the story depicted, Boxer and Benjamin impressed me most.

Boxer is a diligent horse, but his wisdom is not proportional to his diligence. He has a good quality, but not a good ending. His motto is “I will work harder” and “Napoleon is always right”. I often felt anguished at its misfortune and was always angered by its unwillingness to fight. Moreover, whenever I read where he dies but doesn’t know the truth, I feel like weeping and pouring out due to the regret and sorrow for his death.

Benjamin, in my view, is a wise donkey. He knows everything but says nothing. He experiences too much so he seems to keep out of the affair when faced with the revolution. While he still keeps the pure sincere friendship with Boxer, which makes me moved.

After reading this book, I think more about different kinds of politics and societies. What’s more, all of us can find our own characters in that book and have another perception and insight in life.



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