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Analysis on Black

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Essay Preview: Analysis on Black

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Kayleigh Maxwell

Professor Bass


28 September 2017

Analysis of “Black”

        The music video black is produced by Ross Copperman and April Kimbrel. However, the song is written by Dierks Bentley, Ross copperman, and Ashley Gorley. This song and its video comes across as very sexual. Some of the lines from the song and some of the scenes from the video prove it. It almost takes away from the actual plot of the video to the song. They exploited the woman’s sexuality to make the song more entertaining to today’s society. Society thrives off of exploiting females.

        The video starts out by showing a woman and her boyfriend in a hurry to leave what you would assume to be their house. The camera then pans over to a man lying on the floor dead. This man is the females husband and he is laying in the kitchen floor of his and the woman’s house. That is when the song starts and Dierks Bentley begins to sing about the women and the boyfriends affair. The sexual intensity then begins in the third line of the song.

        The third line of the song then starts out by saying “ my hands they know where to go, to find your fingertips trace them back to your lips, take you on a trip, flip that switch.” He obviously is talking about being sexual with the women in order for her to take her mind off of the crime that they had just committed together. This then sets the tone for the entire song and music video. This allows you some insight on just what the video will be like. Showing you the sexuality that the couple committing an affair has with each other.

        Now that Dierks Bentley and the directors have given you a feel for what is going on they take you to a motel room that the couple checks into. The first thing that the woman does is lock herself in the bathroom and begins crying, showing her remorse for what her and her lover had just done. Then she unnaturally gets dressed in a sexy robe and just her matching lingerie. They then engage in sexual actions, and at this time the song states “ make my world go black hit me like a heart attack knock me flat on my back yeah just keep doing that that thing you’re doing there brush me with your hair I swear I don’t know how long that I can last.” By saying make my world go black Dierks Bentley is saying that by sexualizing the women it will help both of them forget the mortal sin that the two had just committed. Showing her in her lingerie and her preforming graphic sexual acts was unnecessary.

        Implying that her and the man just preforming their sexual acts is just going to take the memory away from the fact that they just killed someone and that it is immoral. Sexualizing the girl in order to take away from the true meaning of the song does not fit. However, they had to show the affair off to some extent, but they did not have to take it as far as to show the certain amount of graphics that they did to get the point across. Exploiting the female sexually was not the way to show the couples remorse. They could have shown the scene in a more proper manner.



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