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Analysis of Marketing Strategy of Dabur Chywanprash

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Essay Preview: Analysis of Marketing Strategy of Dabur Chywanprash

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Positioning Strategy:


Segmentation is dividing market into different groups based on the needs. It involves dividing a market into subsets based on demographic, behavior, benefits, etc.

Evaluation based on below criteria

  • Accessible: Segments should be accessible through distribution channels
  • Identifiable: Each of the segments should be identifiable uniquely based on the needs.
  • Unique needs: Segments should respond differently to different needs
  • Durable: Segments should be stable to minimize cost of frequent changes
  • Substantial: Segments should be large to justify the investment required to target them

Dabur Chyawanprash comes under health category. Segments can be divided as per below category

  • Kids: Children need to be healthy to avoid diseases
  • Youth: They need to be active and productive all the time
  • Housewives: She need to be strong and shoulder all the responsibilities
  • Aged: They need to physically and mentally fit.


After segmenting the market into different groups based on the needs, we need to choose our targets. There would be different strategy for each of the segment and they would respond differently. No one strategy would work for the all the segment and it is important to adopt different strategy

There are three general strategy for selecting targets

  • Undifferentiated Targeting

This approach views the entire market as one group and there is no differentiation among groups. Therefore, it uses single strategy. It is significant if there is little competition and there is no need to tailor the strategy.

  • Concentrated Targeting

This approach is about focusing on single segment amongst all the identified segment. Aim is to focus and understand the needs and wants of single segment so you can apply strategy specific to that segment

  • Multi-segment Targeting

This approach focuses on two or three segments and want to develop strategy covering those segments. This proposition could be costly as it would require huge cost in doing market research, promotion, etc.

Dabur-Chyawanprash took Multi-segment target approach. Its basic motto is health benefit and this need is common among different segments. Everyone from children to aged would consume Chyawanprash for its health benefits.


  • Dabur-Chyawanprash tagline is “Two spoons a day, help keep illness away”. It uses normal language instead of scientific to connect with the consumers. This makes it better for them to achieve the positioning.
  • Recent ad featuring Madhuri Dixit, portrays that the entire family needs Chyawanprash to stay healthy which aligns to their tagline.
  • Health benefits of Ayurveda helps in stimulating immune system, relieving stress, improving stamina, fighting aging through anti-oxidant property
  • Category like Chyawanprash needs good strategy to achieve better positioning in the minds of the consumer with context to its health benefits.
  • The brand conveys this health-conscious holistic view of the product. Brand Trust: Over 100 years of Dabur’s experience in Ayurveda ensures selection, processing and quality control of right herbs along with scientific and clinical studies
  • Consumer thinks this product as a trusted brand and doesn’t think twice before purchasing it.


  • Dabur should focus more on relating Chyawanprash with health benefit and it being an ayurvedic product than getting a well-known celebrity to promote the product
  • The first preference for the age group to be focused should be given to the age group of (0-15). For majority of the families, the buyer of Chyawanprash is normally the mother. Therefore, in the advertisement, Dabur should be targeting the mother in the family
  • The product should be aggressively kept in the Kirana stores and Supermarkets as most people admitted that these were the places they generally purchase Chyawanprash from
  • People said that they normally buy Chyawanprash once a year, during the winter, so Dabur should focus on changing Chyawanprash’s image from being a seasonal product to a year-round. This will help in increasing the frequency of purchases of the product
  • Another way Dabur can increase frequency of purchases for Chyawanprash is by coming up with small packaging. This will force people to purchase Chyawanprash more number of times than they would have when the packaging is bigger
  • Chyawanprash is found to be not very famous in South India. This is a highly untapped market of people who are both educated and health conscious. Dabur should come up with a promotional strategy for South India
  • Another market that requires more pentration for Chyawanprash is the Rural India. People living in rural India are unorthodox and would always prefer an ayurvedic product to maintain their health than products containing foreign chemicals. Therefore, Dabur should devise a strategy to increase share in the rural areas of India

Foresights for the product future:

Chyawanprash is a 400-crore market in India. Dabur hold approximately 70% of the total market consisting of Chyawanprash products from companies like Emami, Zandu, Baidyanath, Patanjali and Pravek. More and more Indians are becoming health conscious and they are preferring ayurvedic and organic products to those manufactured using chemicals. So, there is a huge market that has been left untapped by the Chyawanprash industry. As Patanjali as entered the Chyawanprash market, Dabur must up their game to maintain its market share. Today, there are many variants of Chyawanprash to cater to the differing tastes of individuals. With growing stress among individuals, especially among the urban folks, there is a demand for stress-relief medicines and potions. To cater to this group of individuals, Dabur has come up with Chyawanshakti, a slight variation of Chyawanprash. Chyawanshakti is a unique mix of herbs to help individuals combat all pressures of life. Also, there are sugar-free Chyawanprash products for those who are diabetic. To entice children into consuming Chyawanprash, new flavors such as chocolate, orange and mango have been introduced into the market. Apart from introducing new and exciting variants of Chyawanprash, organizations have backed their marketing campaigns with well-known stars. To entice the younger generation, Dhoni has been featured in Dabur Chyawanprash advertisements. Dabur has taken great initiatives to maintain and increase Chyawanprash’s popularity & consumption and is way ahead of its competitors. Hence, if Dabur implements the suggestions given above, it will not only increase its Profits but also the overall consumption of Chyawanprash in India.



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