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Essay Preview: Accounting

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One Day a man hunted a Bird so when the bird was in his hand, the bird asked the man: what would you do with me?

The man replied: i want to

eat you

The bird said: i am too tiny and i won't satisfy your hunger , but i would teach you three things that is better than eating me, then the bird added: i will teach you the first one while i am in your hanmd and the seconed one while i am on the tree and the third one while i am on the hill.

The man agreed happily

The bird said: First never feel annoyed and wishing for what you have missed

The man let it fly and the bird was on the tree then the bird said:

Don't believe in what is impossible to happen

Then the bird flied to the hill and laughed and said to the man:

you poor man if you slughtered me you would have found inside me 2 big dimonds!!!

The man felt teased and start regreting letting the bird to go, then he surrendingly said ok then teach me the third one

The bird laughed again and said how am i going to teach you the third one if you alreday forgot the first two things i taught you.

I told you not to be teased and annoyed for what you have missed and you were so annoyed for knowing what inside me and i told u don't believ what is impossible to happen, and you believed that i have

dimonds inside me and me all my weight wont weight third of a diamond!!!



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